Basic Covert Surveillance Techniques

This class is two days.  The first day is primarily classroom activity.  The second day will incorporate practical exercises.  This course will teach the basics of physical surveillance. It will address the following topics:


Introduction to surveillance

Qualities of a good surveillance officer

Dress and mannerisms

Covert communications

Detecting criminal behavior

Basic stationary, foot, and vehicle surveillance techniques

Planning a surveillance operation

Conducting surveillance briefing and debrief

Identifying and countering anti surveillance measures

Collecting and utilizing evidence obtained from surveillance

Documenting surveillance operations

Practical exercises

This course will be taught by instructors who have extensive experience in law enforcement anti crime and narcotics covert surveillance.  The classroom portion of the course will familiarize the student with the basic skills and traits of an effective surveillance officer.  The practical portion of the course will bring all of the skills into play utilizing realistic scenarios derived from actual surveillance operations.  Upon completion of the course the student will be able to function as a member of a surveillance team in stationary, foot, and vehicle operations.   The student will be able to communicate effectively, plan a surveillance operation, and minimize personal and team risk during surveillance operations. The student will also understand the legal elements of surveillance and how to obtain admissible evidence for court. 

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy


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