Before I Knew I Was a Targeted Individual

I probably should’ve known sooner that I’m a targeted individual. That’s what I think when I look back on my life and recount the many abnormal streaks of what seemed like bad luck and/or people behaving strangely.

But it can be hard to figure out what’s going on when people are actively wiping one’s short to mid-term memory. After a lot of healing work and memory recovery I realized that the gang stalking phenomenon was brought up to me on more than one occasion by people who left my life as quickly as they came in.

A lot of unexplained things happened when I was finally living on my own and going to college. It started at my first apartment. Sometimes I would come home and there would be strange smells, as if someone had been in the apartment while I was gone. Not anything like cologne or perfume but smells like onions, or sugar, or trash that needs taking out.

This was also the complex where maintenance set off a bug bomb and notified everyone in the building except me. I still remember when I started choking and raced out of the building. My complaints were treated as frivolous even by the woman I was dating at the time.

Things continued to deteriorate from one place to the next. I received harassing phone calls that were usually timed for periods of my life where I was more prone to anxiety than usual, as if to confirm the sense of a threat. My vehicles were frequently sabotaged. People I considered mentally off frequently sought me out for conversation whenever I was out at clubs, sitting at bus stops, etc. Basically any place where I would have to change plans to get away from them.

Then the D.E.W. attacks started. If only I’d known what they were at the time I could’ve saved myself a lot of misery. I sought out a medical explanation for the pins and needles and racing heart that suddenly started waking me up time and time again at night. Instead, I was referred to the university psychiatrist.

These types of harassment and so much more made life very difficult and disappointing for me in the areas of work and love. I always knew something was wrong. I always suspected something out of the ordinary was going on. But therapists would have me believe it was a bad case of low distress tolerance coupled with a narcissistic sense of entitlement. Lovely.

What I hope you take away from this is to trust your instincts. If you believe you’re being targeted, you most likely are. You have every right to be upset at the enormous waste of your time, energy, and potential. You have every right to feel your feelings and trust your own perceptions.

Instead of getting too angry, though, the time is now to get active on your own behalf and within the community. As we continue to raise awareness and build a unified vision we will inevitably succeed in freeing ourselves and countless others from this psychopathic system.

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