Congress Oh Y’ALL Scared Now!

Listen Democratics and Republican Senators, Congressmen and women, you who are our representatives speaking for the people in our states.  You are not speaking loud enough because if you were then the traumatic experience you faced on January 7, 2021 would not have taken place.  Each of you are responsible for the actions that took place right before your eyes.  It called targeting you were victims of targeting, community stalking, covert harassment,  and gang stalking.  Why because you have not enforced the laws we have established in the United States and you have not approved new laws surrounding these attacks on citizens in our country.  What terrified you in one day is what millions of people around the world experience everyday, 24 hours a day non stop.  You where attacked by people who looked human but were indeed robots AKA remote controlled assassins.  These mass destructive weapons that are patented to control crowds also has a reverse effect DUH make a crowd go crazy.  You approve them and are allowing these very same weapons to attack innocent people daily and manipulate the world you and I live in.  Im not going to go on and on in this article with you lazy people in congress because you need to do your own research but I will point you in the right direction.

Lets start with these bills that are propose to you and what you did about them, NOTHING.  Now you must review each of these bills and ask yourself why was these bills introduced in the first place.  Then apply it to what happen at the capital and then ask your self do you need to reevaluate these bills and get these laws passed.  Because if you don’t then you are protecting the very people that had Y’ALL ASSES running for safety.  Most of you was not born with a silver spoon in your mouth and sometimes you have to say it just like that.

Bills that reflect electronic harassment, wiretapping, spying, covert harassment, community stalking, organized gang staking, cyber bullying, microwave weapons, remote neural monitoring, voice to skull, voice of god technology, systematic timing works in conjunction patented technologies, illegal surveillance, surveillance without warrants, and putting people on a watchlist and claims once your on it it’s final.  When 90% of these individuals live normal boring lives.  What a load of crap

In addition these are the same weapons used in U. S Embassies Cuba, Russia and China to be exacted.  I have also witness microwave weapons/Emf weapon/satellite weapons used on U. S embassies grounds in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.  So what would make you congress people think that it was not used the day that the riots broke out at the U.S Congress.   

If you are clueless as to which weapons of destruction I am speaking in reference of lets take a look at what China used its weapons for when they was trying to defend their wall from another countries military from entering.  You can find that post HERE

We targeted individuals know how this technology can make a empty street with no one in sight turn into a busy street with everyone all of a sudden coming our of their homes and start to target a targeted individual.  What happen at congress is no different congress wants to be all to eager to jump on the idea that Trump is the blame for the riot which he is partly to blame for his actions.  However perps needed to hear the words of another perp to take the action.  Yes I believe Trump is a gang stalker one whom believe in this technology at one point and time to do him favors.  It took him losing the election to see that technology will turn on him and I am sure he sees first hand what us targeted individuals go through.  When this technology ties your hands and leave you know where to turn and no one to turn to because of its manipulation, and has turned everyone against you for no reason.  Let us not forget the fraud people claiming to be Trump supporters that are planted in the scene, just to get the crowd going.  Which I might add either of their on conviction or not.  Mind Control  If you congressman and women remain a silent majority it will soon show you more than what you was running from that day.  The really sad part is some of you already know what the technology is doing to our country and citizens in other countries and sit by and do nothing.

As I told the officer in Houston, TX 2012 when he did not believe me about what I told him I physically see happening to me, and not something that is made up in my head or some physiological disorder.


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