Demand Justice for Individuals Being Electronically Harassed by Fellow Soldiers & Civilians

I am an active duty Soldier in the military and my family and I are currently being stalked, remotely hacked, electronically harassed with electronic warfare/havanna syndrome devices, and written off in the world. The people who conduct these acts are right in your neighborhood or child’s school, they portray themselves as pillars in the community and choose victims as young as newborn babies. Electronic Harassment is a process, it begins with the perps stalking and observing your moves, then they setup camera/ microphone devices in your home, vehicle, etc. The perps use radar radio frequencies from your smart meters and cell towers called VDL to watch and communicate with you through any type of electrical device. The final step is the perps use electronic warfare devices aka called havanna syndrome.

These devices are continuous and because if these devices are fully deployed the technology is able to transmit their victims data profile anywhere in the world to the localized infrastructure where you travel.

Most people who try to flee the technology are unable to find safe places to live. Even if they find a dead spot, attacks will resume within a few days in most cases. Some frequencies of the RF used means even an underground bunker may not shield you. My oldest daughter has even tried to kill herself, because no one would believe her when she spoke out about these crimes and my family has been threatened to be separated. I am starting this petition for all my fellow brothers and sisters at arms past and present who have experienced this injustice as well as for the civilian people who may be dealing with this issue. I have reported this incident to every organization in the United States and they have been of no assistance and their are no reporting procedures in existence as of now, so I am reaching out to my fellow Americans to help in ensuring these crimes do not go uninvestigated and get addressed with the Supreme Court.


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