Destroyer of Anything Good Poem

If you could watch and you could see what these people do to me.
When anything changes, anything good,
Life going the way that I know that it should.
The investigator and the website that creep,
follows me closely, when awake and asleep.
The constant complaining when I don’t feel heard,
Some want to help but it all seems absurd.
The website of tomorrow that nobody should use,
They put to death slowly, condemn and abuse.
An Investigator with the power to have it his way,
Gets people to believe every word that he say.
When in the prime of life we put trust in a lie
Never knowing the truth that the tormented die.
We hope it’s not real, the proof never there,
It seems to be mental illness, in the letters I share.
As time goes on, everything looking great
The destroyer of my life does not usually wait,
The investigator, the stalker, puts in me sorrow
Takes it all away, It will happen tomorrow.
The people of the Condemnation and “Put to
Death” Website will destroy anything good that  happens in my life.
Bringing me down low by making something good in my life go bad.

Written By: Shelley W. Williams 2020

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