Diary Of An Angry Targeted Individual

Key to the success of weaponized beamed technology derived from the Electromagnetic Spectrum depends on several factors. One of the most successful is the strategic effort to discredit victims by applying the mental illness tag and hoping it will stick. For success, use of anyone around victims, especially family members becomes crucial.Renee Pittman continues her mission of exposing the hidden evil today by pulling back the shroud of secrecy. This is not only done through testimony of professionals and compiled open literature evidence, but through her personal experiences and the testimony of victims both men, women and even children, confirming legalized, ongoing human experimentation on steroids. In diary-like setting, the author gives explicit details of her continued, day to day battle, to combat covert technological terrorism. She details the continued hope of many for justice system intervention and coping with the roadblocks faced as an inability to effectively litigate against a Goliath, in these cases, high-powered government agencies of the United States of America. Sadly, many attorneys will not touch these difficult to prove cases, due to the invisible beamed weapons being used. As a result, thousands of lives are being destroyed without recourse.However, to the dismay of those seeking to keep the widespread use of advanced psychotronic technology under wraps and its capabilities, Pittman details, not only its machination but also provides excellent examples of precise, heinous, manipulative techniques, for example, the creation of sexual deviance as well, as a means of controlling targets and even blackmailing into submission. With the focus on women, many report covert efforts to turn women into sex slaves by the men of depraved minds who are some of the more perverse at the helm of these advancements. The battle to bring the truth before the public continues with the assurance that the truth will ultimately prevail and inevitably always has!  Purchase 

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