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Same As Directed Conversation however you have some music artist and song writers making music videos and songs based off of directed conversation.  The only way this could have happen is if the person is a follower of this type of technology that gives them voice to skull commands or conversation, these members of the Illuminati use directed conversation to write songs and make music videos to  profit off of targeted individuals.   In addition to putting the targeted individuals name in the music video.  Once they where exposed they created more videos to prove that they were indeed gang stalking. These organized gang stalking perps each are guilty, they wrote the songs, sung the songs, and created music videos off the song. Youtube Channel

Directed Conversation is a term referring to a stalking tactic using stranger’s conversation to both intimidate and to convey to the victim that they are under surveillance. During Directed Conversation, two or more stalkers will approach near to the target and engage in “normal” conversation with one another. The conversation is purposefully made at a level so that the victim can adequately hear what is being said. During Directed Conversation, personal information concerning the victim is inserted into the speech and emphasized by the stalkers in a fashion that most non-victims would not be able to discern as harassment. The purpose of Directed Conversation is to harass a victim, as well as make the victim appear mentally unstable should they attempt to complain about such abuse. These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in public relating to the target and their personal situations. Eg. They will repeat things a target said in their home, or on the phone. They will drop very personal details into the conversation, that could only be related to the target. Eg. Member #1. “It’s a shame Uncle Ed won’t be able to come.” Member #2. “Yeah, since he died golfing on Saturday.” The target will just have learned of a death of a favored uncle, (possibly named Ed.) while out golfing.”

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