Electronic Harrasment Is Done By Microchips

I believe electronic harassment is done by microchips that are swallowed by targeted individuals and by random people who may eat the food or drink the beverages intended for the targeted individuals. My psychic readings have said for years that microchips the size of a grain or rice are snuck into food and beverages. This photo describes it also and says they are the size of a grain or rice. I spend time matching up my psychic crime tips with facts I find on the Internet and the stop gang stalking electronic harassment information has matched up with my stop sex slavery internationally psychic crime tips I do everyday since we were stalked in the summer of 2008. My psychic readings say the gang stalkers lie the microchips are relaxing pellets. They gang stalk and do electronic harassment to the targeted individuals they got chips in and tell people they are relaxing them by a computer program on their cell phones, Ipads, laptops, Macintosh computer hard drives and by levers and remotes installed on car dashboards. The gang stalkers say they are monitors for the Court. My readings say they lie to Judges and Courts and tell them they need Court Warrants to monitor Government Agency Case Files by spy watch cam equipment and by relaxing tiny pellets they swallow and of course Judges and Courts do not know its electronic harassment gang stalking the con artists are really doing. They pretend they are helping people and say they monitor them parked by their residences and lease and buy residences to live near them and they gang stalk and do electronic harassment to them. My psychic readings say the gang stalkers say they electrocute them to set up forced medical attention. In my opinion this is framing innocent people to a Government Agent to Gang Stalk them to do a Medical Kidnap for Sex Slavery and FGM Female Genital Mutilation and Human Sex Trafficking. The gang stalkers rob the targeted individuals money and lie they are bums on welfare they need to get quick fast help for. The targeted individuals are robbed victims and not bums, most are probably not on welfare and have never been. It’s a Facade the gang stalkers set up to fool everyone to capture a person and my psychic readings say when they capture the targeted individual by the microchip electronic harassment torturing done to them they get their whole family at the same time. They say they are taking them all to group family therapy at a five star hotel suite they arranged, they reserve many hotel and motel rooms to take them to by their secret Government Agency force, by pretending to do a job that is caring of others when really they are criminals doing it for ill purposes. They take the entire family. My psychic readings say they take newborns, babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adult children and their children and the adult children’s mom is usually the one who is electronically harassed and they take their mom also. They also do electronic harassment to babies and toddlers, my psychic readings say they put the tiny pellets, microchips, microwave energy discs in baby food, baby formula, baby juice and in cribs they install a torture device and in mattresses. They do this to them so they will scream to set up medical kidnapping. The microchips are put in food and beverages in markets where the targeted individuals shop, the gang stalkers may wear Food and Drug Administration bibbed aprons and sneak microchips in this way. My psychic readings say a pack of gang stalkers are in markets everyday from 8 am to 9 am putting chips in to do electronic harassment to the people from their cars and residences they get around them to gang stalk. They may put microchips in hospital beds and wear Candy Stripper uniforms and change baby blankets and tell hospitals they are helping C.P.S., D.C.F.S., Department of Health and Welfare Services R. N. Nurses. They wear many costumes to fool people into thinking they are helping. They may wear blue nurse uniforms with stethoscopes another day and buy many uniforms in different colors such as mulberry, peachy keen, lemon yellow, pale pink etc. The groups of these gang stalking women in nurse uniforms and FDA aprons are the same ones in cars parked doing electronic harassment on their dashboards.

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