Gang Stalkers Destroy The Family’s Life Plans

Our life was great and wonderful until stalkers swarmed around in 2008 summer and this effected my daughters lives and my elderly mothers life as well. All that my daughters and I worked hard for and accomplished in our community were we were secure and aclamanted was effected. I wanted to point out that gang stalkers effect everybody in the family, their happiness, security, and harmony.My poor elderly mothers old age plans were ruined and she’s been a victim also by this and now she is 96 years old living someplace where she did not want to be and has memory loss since 2008 and the gang stalking acts tore her life apart.

My mom raised me in Sherman Oaks, California as a single mom, a person who does no wrong. She retired about 30 years ago and lived on her Social Security income of about $1,440.00 a month, we were best friends, we spoke five times a day often and she was involved with my kids and I with us alot at activitys since they were born. In 2002 my mom decided she wanted to live with my daughters and I in the future due to her old age, I promised her I would buy a one story for her to live with us in and that I would sell our two story home where all the bedrooms were upstairs, therefore she planned to move to our area where we lived since 1997 in a small town upscale suberb community about 20 miles from Sherman Oaks by the Santa Monica mountains over the hill from Malibu, I loved it there and planned to never move as the weather is 10 degrees cooler with fog rolling over the mountains and many Oak Trees I said I was never moving from that area, I planned to live there the rest of my life. I said I am never going to live in the smoggy valley again and ended up there in 2009 because of the stalking and lies told about me. In 2005 I sold the two story home and bought a one story with my money from the two story house by a swing loan and I worked as a Real Estate Agent , I was liscensed in 1999. I found the perfect floorplan for my two daughters, my mom and I to live in. She was going to move in with us in 2009 summer and that’s right when I was slandered, set up, and taken down and railroaded right out of that town that I planned to never leave. Many crimes preceded the big take down, the stalking in summer 2008. My mothers rings went missing from her house in Sherman Oaks fall 2007 right after Thanksgiving. Her will went missing 2009 right at the time I was lied about and set up by anonymous callers etc. My mom was diagnoised with memory loss in 2008. Her checking account I was POA since 1978 was closed and her will that was missing is a sole indiviual living trust of hers alone and I am the First Trustee of it. I feel I was stalked, slandered set up for this stalker liar group to lie shes not able to be POA or First Trustee which my mom made me long before her memory loss diagnois. I feel this stalking liar group who set me up to a Goverment Agency and made me a sucessful person broke and stuck instantly could be taking money and mail paypal etc and lying its for my mothers trust accounts. Her accounts are for her money only and nobody elses money. It’s her living trust which means her money is hers as long as she’s living. Due to the suspicous activity and victimizing I think they could be putting my money in accounts under the living trusts name and lying it’s their group money as in 2006 on May 9th my suv was broken into in our driveway and my realtor listing portfolio was stolen and I thought a realtor may be after my real estate business and I thought it may be a realtor doing the stalking when that happened in 2008 summer. Also, my daughters ballet bag was stolen from my car when and she was 11 years old. The theft report said five hundred dollars worth of stolen property and that’s a felony crime, so theft crimes preceded the take down in 2009 when I was set up, lied about and made broke and stuck. This affected my daughters plans also as my older daughter was applying for college grants at this time as she was 17 in 2009 and turned 18 and she was Dismiss from the DCFS Case in court in 2009 because she was an adult. She wanted to have her 18th birthday party at our house that year and we could’nt due to the circumstances and her college grant applications were applied for by my name and income and so on. She planned to go to UCLA to transfer there from a college and she ended up going to three colleges and working. Also, because my realtor income was ruined and my mom had said she would help pay for her college and my mom and I were both made broke and stuck at the same time in 2009 as her bank accounts were closed that I was POA on, her mail stopped coming. I forwarded my mail to Sherman Oaks where I ended up moving due to being railroaded out of town and no mail came for Nancy Gail Fox aka Nancy G. Fox-Taylor Realtor and my Real Estate Liscense expired due to my not getting papers to renew it and I asked my office to forward my calls to the land line in Sherman Oaks and got no calls. I could not pay my cell phone bill of course as I did not have money in 2009 as I was made broke and stuck and so was my mom. The plan was for her to move in our house in 2009 and for the four of us to enjoy our lives there as a family. Then I was slandered, someone lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life, then DCFS knocked on our door, then I saw many lies that were told. My kids at the DCFS office said ” It’s fine with my mom, she just needs a car and money” My car had broken down and my mothers car I wanted to drive was disconnected and liscense plates taken off. She said I could borrow it, she had no drivers liscense due to memory loss and I should have just cruised along it selling houses and she should have moved in in summer 2009 and everything would have been fine. But lies were told about me a very nice mom to The Department of Child Family Protective Services and I did nothing wrong, a case file was opened based on lies and the lies were Dismiss without prejudice in court in 2009 and it said the mom has outside stressors. Well the stalkers, liars, and theives caused the stressors. We were stalked in summer 2008 and one car sat in front of our mail box on a post 4 hours. The mail box was broken onto the ground two times prior to the mail box stalking, in 2005 and 2006 it was broken onto the ground, then car suv broken into, my moms diamond rings stolen, our cats were stolen in 2008 Labor Day I believe as our cats disappeared when  stalkers were there so we were very victimized for years prior to when I was set up to DCFS. I feel this was done to set me up to lie they got control of my mail and money as due to the lies told that were Dimiss without prejudice I had a psych eval and I am a normal person who’s sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since 1985. I was ruled ” Not gravely disabled, not probable cause this person has a mental disorder, not a danger to herself or others” and released. My older daughter was an adult 18 at this time so no one could say they got control of my mail and money as no one could have as she was an 18 year old adult and that’s what I was ruled at a Court Hearing held when I had the psych eval. They asked me do you want SSI ? and no I said, I’m not disabled. I feel gang stalkers might lie that targeted individuals are disabled people to steal their mail and money, I feel I D theft is done this way to me and probably to many targeted individuals. I brought the Certificate Review Hearing psych eval ruling to court July 10,2010, 5 copies of it as I was advised to and still lost custody of my younger daughter who was 15 then. It’s filed in the court. My younger daughter and I lost years together due to this. She went to 4 High Schools because of it and I had planned to stay in the same school system with the same kids they knew in our community where we had lived since 1997. I wanted that stable upbringing for my daughters to be secure and live in one area. I never planned for us to move from there, When all of this happened in spring 2009 I wrote a million letters to raise money to get my daughters custody, to fight all of this, I faxed facts everywhere and tried to get money for attorneys and for my elderly moms Living Trust Attorneys retainer fee due to the victimizing done to her. I planned to rent my moms house in Sherman Oaks in 2009 when she was going to move in with us and she would have had five thousand a month to live on, my older daughter started driving and college in 2009 and I planned for her and my younger daughter and I to all look after my mom. I planned to have a great family home life for us in our one story house and everything fell apart. My younger daughter took ballet,tap, and jazz in our area since she was three and a half years old, she was in many dance performances and theatre stage productions and she would have graduated from Royal Academy of Dance Ballet but did not due to the moving away to the San Fernando Valley and so on and she’s a victim also by her ballet bag being stolen at age 11. Thankfully she went to a Performing Arts High in Los Angeles and since has started her own business, wrote a book, recorded a song and so on. Both my daughters are very ambitous and stride ahead with their many talents, luckily they survived the gang stalking family home destruction as possesions are gone, our happy family home I planned for the four of us to live in. They worked hard in school, always did their homework and have many skills but we should have lived there together for many more years and so should my poor elderly mom. I promised her she would live with us and I would take care of her in her old age. We planned this out years before the take down. I lost three hundred and fifty thousand I put into our house, possesions, furniture, antiques, file cabinents etc. I am a person who saved every movie crew list of films I worked on, every phone book I had since I was a teenager, every paper I filed and I am a sentimental person. I loved our home life and lived for it, to be a home owner with a yard to plant flowers, to be able to pick them and put them in a vase on the family dinner table. I love to cook and made good meals for my kids. That’s what I miss so much is having a home I own, to decorate it, to paint it, to hose off and sweep the front porch, to decorate for holidays and have family birthday parties and so on. A patient mom, our lives were in harmony with no drama and I was the happiest person on earth and they took away our family home and all I had worked so hard for my entire life to get there. They destructed it and again so many possesions are lost which I try to ignore and say oh well it’s about survival, surviving as a targeted individual, trying to stay above water, treading water when normally I had a few months of reserves in the bank to pay bills, a mortgage number one priority and I so looked forward to my mom enjoying herself in our house as there were deer you could see out the window, bunnies, hummingbirds which she loves and ducks flying by going to the lake near our house. Paradise where she was supposed to be living for the past decade but run out of town by lies in 2009 I ended up living at her house in Sherman Oaks where I grew up, broke and stuck. A silent wall around me with my mail, calls, or money coming. No car and no cell phone very suddenly, even money owed to me stopped being deposited. So 20 miles away from our area I lived to look after my mom there because of her memory loss, then she was taken from her house in 2011 and not brought back and I was told by a text when they were five hours away, Locks changed on her house in fall 2011 and I was run out of her house and I am First Trustee Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor of her living trust that the house was recorded in and she promised me I was the only one who would sell it someday. Somehow it was sold for three hundred thousand less than she could have got, and how did it record? as she has memory loss since 2008 and I did not sign any papers to sell it. She signed papers with memory loss and her plans have not been followed that she made prior to memory loss so shes a victim of the gang stalking also, her life has been destroyed by it as she should be living in a house with me this whole time with me taking care of her as she planned. She’s not talking for awhile, shes gained alot of weight and is in a wheel chair, we are seperated for nine years and we planned to be together everyday the rest of her life. I only talk to her on facetime, we are seperated by 50 miles and again I have written letters since 2009 for my moms sake, for poor Denise S. Fox to have her wishes and plans followed, to have her life in her old age the way she wanted it. For me to be POA on her bank accounts, for me to take care of her, live with her and so we could enjoy our lives in a family home. A home where we could celebrate a holiday with my daughters, grandchildren and her. To have life back to normal is what I strive for everyday as a targeted individual.