Gang Stalkers Run Sex Slavery

I’m sober in AA since 1985, I was a succesful Realtor from 1999 on in our suberb community as a single mom paying the bills until I was set up,slandered,made broke and stuck in 2009 I say by Gang Stalkers. A very nice mom set up to The Department of Child Family Protective Services by lies from anonymous callers etc. The lies were dismiss without prejudice and so was my older daughter dimiss from case as she turned an adult age of 18.
Due to the lying I had to have a psych eval in 09 fall I was ruled not gravely disabled not a danger to myself or others. This was a set up I am convinced as since this I do not receive mail or money as I should. I believe someone lied they got control of my money mail from the 09 eval and no no one could have that’s impossible as I was ruled normal , my daughter was 18 years old, I am sober in AA since 1985, I had a California Real Estate lis when I had a psych eval for being a psychic,
I was very set up.
I was a keep to myself person, minding my own business, no drama, nothing to tell about Nancy Fox I was just selling homes, taking care of my daughters and that’s that ! In 2005 I bought a one story house for with my own money for my elderly mom to live with us, that was her plan and my plan. We planned it out in 2002 together. She loved the one story house I bought for her to live with us, Then suddenly the curse of evil fell upon us and many crimes were commited against us to make me broke and stuck to set up me which happened in 2009 spring.
Our mail box was broken two times off the post onto the ground in 2005 right after I bought the house and in 2006.
My realtor listing portfolio and my daughters ballet bag were stolen from my suv parked in our driveway. I reported this, $500.00 theft, a felony crime.
My mothers diamond platnum heirloom rings were stolen from her house Thanksgiving Nov 2007.
Cars stalked our one story house in the suberb community where my daughters and I lived since 1997. They zoomed around in hot rods, white BMWs parked on our street. etc. I reported the stalking cars five times.
Our three cats went missing Labor Day 08 when stalkers had been there.
In spring 09 someone lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life then DCFS knocked the next day and I was set up to DCFS by liars.
In addition to being a realtor I did psychic readings everynight and my readings said in 2008 summer when cars stalked our one story house, a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying.
Then I was lied about months later and said Oh my God they human sex traffick at Child Family Protective Services !
My readings since say they take the family pets before they take the people to sex slavery kiddy porn snuff movies and clitoral cutting, my readings say sex slavery is run by Gang Stalkers.
They set Targeted Individuals up to a Goverment Agency to say they got control of the TIS money mail ups fed ex paypal Western union bank account money and medical.
They rob them blind kill them in a snuff film.
Many gang stalkers are also Female Genital Mutilation clitoral haters, that’s why the gang stalking electronic harrasment charts show the genital torture and they do this by remotes on car boards underground in gang stalker rooms, from houses apartments condos they lease buy by the Targeted Individuals.
I drank coffee that tasted lethal in 2009 the week someone lied I was sucidal and DCFS knocked.
The coffee tasted like lighter fluid gasoline, it made my tongue swell up, I sweated and passed out. Murder I say. It affected my spelling of words for about one year and I have always been a perfect speller. As in English, I’m a writer my entire life.
Then my daughters were taken by DCFS to emergency custody for no reason, there was no emergency at all. My daughter was already at her dads for summer visitation that was agreed on in the court where I had full custody since 2000 January. She was 14 years old and my older daughter 17 years old then thankfully she turned 18 and was dismiss from the case. Luckily they went to their dads. Thank God for that I am extremely grateful, I just wanted us to live through this as I knew they were kidnappers after us for human sex traffick by my psychic readings that I started in 2008 summer to save us and by the years of victimizing theft vandalism and suspicous activity that went on. Gang Stalkers it turns out to be ,they run human slavery, kids porn, snuff movies, FGM clitoral cutting.
I am certain they are organized crime serial killers bank robbers by what I have suffered and experienced for 15 years and by my psychic readings I do on this for 12 and 1/2 years to stop it.
That awful week in 2009 I drank coffee from a Starbucks cup I had sitting out at our one story house where I was alone suddenly and my head spun.
A computer microchip was in my coffee. I drank the coffee sitting at the bus stop and said ” oh no” Since 2009 I am a electronically harrased person.

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