Gang Stalking and Medical Kidnap

I believe electronic harrasment is done for medical kidnappings. It’s to cause pain in the TI’s bodies to take them away helplessly through the Goverment system, by setting TI’s up to a Government Agency by much fraud,framing, and outright lying about the person they target. My experience tell me this as I am a nice harmless person who was set up to DCFS in 2009. Prior to DCFS coming to the house, a day or two earlier someone lied I was sucidal. I have never been sucidal in my life. I found out later the person who lied I was sucidal called a not needed ambulance that parked across the street in a Church parking lot and that’s a huge red flag of a medical kidnap set up. Someone told me about it months later but I saw ambulances circling around there and many places and felt the fear of death within me. A Frances Farmer Conspiracy I called it to myself, to slander a normal person out of nowhere to lie someones sucidal, for DCFS to knock on an over nice Moms door is obvious to me. Someone lied I needed to take my medication and took none, no prescription, I need none, I am sober in AA since 1985 and stopped taking pills years before that and most alcoholics don’t take medication, it could set up a relapse, I like feeling sober, I am against medication as that’s why I choose to be sober and feel sober in AA. I don’t want a medication feeling and it’s hard on your liver. So all of this made me furious, plus I am psychic and that would ruin my psychic ability. So someone lied sucidal,someone lied she needs her medication, there was no medication, total lies were told about me and anonymous callers lied to Department of Child Family Protective Services and called dreams while I was sleeping dillusions and then later I hear from someone an ambulance sat in the Church parking lot across the street from our house. A Medical Kidnap set up! Prior to this our house was stalked by many cars in the summer of 2008,our cats went missing Sept 1, 2008. Gang Stalkers are cat nappers I say. I started doing psychic readings to stop stalkers in summer 2008 as I did my own psychic readings everynight since 2005 summer. My readings kept explaining sex slavery and spelled out many times ” A two or more lied sons of satan conspriacy take people to sex slavery by lying” Then months later I was outright lied about. DCFS showed up right after the sucide lie and came another time and threw welfare papers on the coffee table, I was a California Realtor for ten years then and sold many homes, I was in my million dollar home with three real estate lisings and could have made eighty grand selling a home the next day, and welfare papers ! what a joke I thought. I have never been on welfare or that type of person in my life, and a welfare payment certainly would not have made the house payment on my  million dollar house. I told DCFS I was owed money and was told DCFS can’t help with money. I had full custody in another County and they should have never been there, it should have been just Family Law Court in Ventura County to work things out and agree, It ruined our lives completely and years of victimizing, theft, vandalism, and stalking went on before all of this, the big set up done to Nancy Fox, they set me up a very nice mom to The Department of Child Family Protective Services. My years of prior victimizing and outright lies then I find out an ambulance was waiting. To me their a Hearst, the Death Mobile I call them. I do stop sex slavery readings since 2008 which turned into stop gang stalking which is also shut down all Department of Child Protective Services offices, which is also Stop Medical Kidnapping. Their all the same criminals running this evil cult within the Goverment System to take Targeted Indiviuals away, this is what I am convinced of by my experience alone not just by psychic readings I do to stop it. My psychic readings say they take pets of the Targeted Indivuals months before they do the set up to the T Is. That matches up with facts of our pets being missing when stalkers were there months before the big set up was done to a very nice mom Nancy Fox, a normal person, who’s sober in Alcoholic Anonymous since age 25 who’s never been sucidal in her life. I woke up today and thought I have to write a post about Gang Stalking and Medical Kidnap as all TI’s are in danger of it. The electronic harrasment chart shows the parts of the body they hurt by remotes and that is to set up a medical kidnap. My psychic readings in 2009 said they take people to sex slavery helplessly by ambulances. They also so the Gang Stalkers force shots in nurse uniforms with Court papers, my readings say they take them to sex slavery this way. The Gang Stalkers whole motive is to get the Targeted Individuals to call a Doctor or to go to an E R or Hospital or to willingly step in an ambulance and to trick them into a shot or to show up at their house or job and force them. My psychic readings say they even set up car crashes to get TIs in an ambulance and send many fake medical reports all over town and say they got control of these people by the Goverment Agency case file. You can see on the Electronic Harrasment chart they cause heart attacks, genital pain to fool them to a Gynocologist, their also Female Genital Mutilation, and they make legs wobbly, turn the TIs feet in to lie their a disabled person to rob them. Everything they do is to lie the person needs medical attention for Medical Kidnaps. That’s my belief and theory by my experience and the injustice done to me and by my psychic readings as I do my psychic readings on what is happening and going on to recieve information to stop them since 2008. 12 and 1/2 years of everyday psychic readings to stop sex slavery is to stop gang stalking. Since 2009 I have explained the injustice done, the identity theft of no money, no mail and then no paypal. I hope all the causes ban together to stop the evil criminals. Stop Gang Stalking, stop sex slavery, stop human sex trafficking, shut down CPS,DCFS, and every Child Protective Office, stop medical kidnaps, stop FGM,stop ID Theft, Stop all of it! I pray. My message is Targeted Individuals should stay away from ambulances, it’s the hearst of death.

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