Gangstalked by David Morrow aka Hard Target

Greetings my fellow TIs, my name is David Morrow and ive been a high priority target since march of 2019.  What started it all was my video evidence i had that a producer from national geographic got wind of and then followed by a national geographic documentary entitled animal apocalypse- paranatural. I was the only one on the planet that had this exclusive footage i recorded so they decided to reek havoc on my life a few years later. Ever since then ive gone through complete hell on earth. Ive been set up, violently chased numerous times, shot at, shot, poisoned, set up to be murdered, incarnation, bakered, lost 90 percent of my friends and family and much more. Im on a mission to expose and bring justice to everyone involved. I will not be stopped and continue to march on no matter how much or it takes me to do so. Dont be afraid of them because they are weak and we are strong. God has chosen us as his soldiers in his army as Saints to wadge war against them as they have done on his elect. We will overcome all odds and bring forth what is in the darkness into the light.

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