I am a TI since Dec 2014

I am a TI since Dec 2014 after calling NPPD on Fed neighbors who attacked our property. The targeting was immediate! Flanked by 2 SUVs. All the sudden US Officual Yse Vehicles GSA15 cars where ever I would go. In our absence another Top Fed acquires home under suspicious quit deed then signs over to FBI informant for zero dollars( must be nice). Constant pulsating spotlights, loss of electronics, security camera, loss of lighting systems so they can creep around in dark. Trespass, destruction of private property etc. The several times I went to NPPD on same subject yet when asked for reports for Targeted Justice several complaints not even written! I was then made aware of illegal stingray use against Sarasota residents. I also became aware of very bad behavior throughout this department. Fusion centers fabrication of crimes never committed. The Satellites commissed to Florida for “fish poaching” by Obama administration sit above our homes. Unlawful surveillance, dereliction of duty, Human Rights Abuses, Privacy Violations, Civil Liberties Abuses go unchecked, why FBI Informants( funny the Las Vegas Shooter was an FBI informant…don’t hear too much on that these days, made sure they took him out though!) These are pure demons, true practicing witches. There is also a military connection, Army. I found a blind in the treetops that overlook my pool and family room. I went the next morning to take pics and miraculously it was gone. Not anyone can remove a blind in darkness. This is militia, Masonic, Illuminati men groups stalking women. I came across a couple other TIs in the area, attractive women. The gangstalking program is run through Sheriff office. I did visit Sarasota Sheriff in beginning of stalking 2014 to no avail. I pray it comes back to their wives and daughters!
Targeted Justice is very close to breaking it wide open. They have very legitimate whistle-blower on board with first hand knowledge of these horrific programs. Judge Trunda ruled 2019 Terror Watch List Unconstitutional!!


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