I Am a Victim of Cyber Abuse/ Torture

November 19, 2021

I have been having a strange symptom. As far as I can tell it only happens at night when I’m laying in bed. I can hear myself breathing heavily out of my mouth. My nose is as if it’s been plugged up so I can’t breathe out of my nose.   I don’t have a cold or sickness of any kind at the time. It’s heavy labored breathing and it makes it hard for me to use my CPAP. In fact I have noticed that my CPAP records sleep apnea while I’m awake when it happens.

I just can’t catch my breath.

I know my own body better than anybody else. I know that it’s not hyperventilating.

I was told Tuesday night November 16, 2021 after I went through It that it is the people on the website doing it to me with their system of Advanced technology.

I know that it doesn’t sound real to a lot of people but it is real. I have been experiencing it as a reality. Mental illness does not cause breathing problems at night.

It is really happening as a result of the people on the website and their system of Advanced technology.

The heavy and labored breathing through my mouth with my nose as if it is plugged happens for a while but it hasn’t lasted long enough for me to have to go to the hospital. It stops after about an hour. I then have my breathing back to normal. I don’t know if it could kill me.

I never gave any permission for the past and present use of their website and system of Advanced technology done on my body.

It’s not fair to me. It makes me a victim of something horrible. I just want it to end. How can the internet keep paying so much money to a website that is working to slowly kill me?

It is also bad that nobody believes me about it. They think that it’s just mental illness. The police won’t even listen to me about it or even help me. Nobody is helping me. I’ve tried for years to report this website that is stalking me and using my body in their system of Advanced technology. Nobody is listening to me about it. These people are slowly killing me.

      Shelley W. Williams

I wrote this poem to help me explain what I go through.

A Victim of Cyber Abuse

A system of Advanced technology

to place my mind in its psychology.

The one that speaks into my head

Whispers in my thoughts “you’ll soon be dead.”

Heavy breathing, labored breath,

Will the moment bring me death?

It’s as if my nose has no more use

When a victim of this cyber abuse

A Throb of pain within my chest

It makes me scared, I cannot rest.

The room then spins around my head

and the dizziness keeps me in bed.

When will these moments that I dread

come to a peaceful end instead?

© Shelley W. Williams -2021