Identity Theft

I feel identity theft could be being done to me by a group lying about a psych eval I had in 2009 fall as I had a psych eval for psychic crime tips and logical fact tips I reported in fall 2009. I am a psychic who channel writes for spirits and I channel wrote crime tips about sex slavery and I had some crime tip words I had gotten from my Angel Board earlier and I was worried I was framed to DCFS because someone was after my two teenage daughters, also because we had been stalked by cars in 2008 summer, I thought the stalking cars could be kidnappers, rapists, then a sex ring who slandered me to DCFS to get my daughters custody. Some of my crime tips said I was worried someone would try to get my daughters custody nievly as my psychic readings say a human sex slavery trafficking ring sign off custody many times so that kids are lost in the system. My crime tips I wrote were logical and also psychic and I reported then to protect my two daughters. I was worried they could be kidnapped because of the stalkers. I was taken for a psych eval because of my psychic tips and now many facebooks and other sites all say they traffick at Child Protective Services and many say Targeted and Trafficked and thank God many say what I said way back in 2009. It was in 2018 I suddenly saw all the facebooks popping up to add them that said this and “Victory” I thought, thank God everyone is saying it. Also, in 2010 Senator Nancy Schaffer said ” They run a chattel slavery ring at Child Protective Services” that’s on youtubes also and she was dead a week later, gee I wonder why ? just for saying that probably. I was worried right away when DCFS came to our house and at the time thought kidnappers,rapists, sex slave ring are after my two daughters as who else would lie about a nice mom like me? So in fall 2009 I reported some crime tips about this and was taken for a psych eval for that and told you need your psych eval for DCFS anyway, you should just be here two hours I was told then I was told a 72 hour hold. Why? I wondered. So I just laid there watching the clock waiting til the end of the 72 hour hold counting the hours and sleeping, drinking water and reading magazines. Then at the end of the 72 hour hold they said we are taking you somewhere else to be released. There I had a Court Hearing with the woman who rules psych evals with a gavel and a timer and a Patients Right Advocate woman I called and I was ruled ” Not gravely disabled Not probable cause this person has a mental disorder, Not a danger to herself or others” and released. This ruling is on a Review Certificate that is filed in the Mental Health Court. Also, my older daughter was 18 at this time and she stopped there to see me on her way out of town so since she was an adult age no one could say they got control of my money when I was there but I feel they may be due to the identity theft that has gone on. By my Court Ruling no one could say that and because she was an adult 18 years old then. She was Dismiss from case in Court in 2009 as she turned 18 years old Sept 2009 and my psych eval was after her birthday, it was in the fall 2009. So I was released by the Court Hearing and left, took the bus to Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. and got a Starbucks there then took the bus to my moms house in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had called her from the psych eval and it was verified with my mom that I would be staying at her house where I lived. So, there is nothing to tell about my Psych Eval., I reported a list of crime tips to save my two daughters as a worried mom so they would not be kidnapped. Nothing went on at the Psych Eval, I left and that’s it.

I wonder if people lie about this to do identity theft as I brought five copies of the Certificate Review Hearing document with the ruling to Court July 10,2010 as I was told to. I was told going without papers today, the case is being dismissed. I lost custody even though I brought my Psych Eval ruling and filed it at that Court. A weeks later I saw DCFS papers I never received or saw that had mistakes in them. It said the mother did not provide her eval information from UCLA and I was not at UCLA and I provided the Court Hearing ruling on the Certificate Review Hearing form to the Court. So the DCFS papers had mistakes in them and I wonder if someone is using the incorrect papers for identity theft. My younger daughter was 15 at the time the case was closed in Court in July 2010. Again, my older daughter was 18 and had been Dismissed from the case in 2009 summer. If something had been wrong with me only my daughter who was 18 could have gotten control of my mail and money and no one else as she was an adult.

In 2013 April 4th when I registered my business and set up a PO Box by it and Paypal and a business bank account my younger daughter was 18. Both of my daughters were adults when I registered my Doing Business Alone business registered to me as an individual then a group lied to aol and told them my paypal aol email was their group email and ” No. there is no group of people I told aol, just me”. So, I wondered is someone using DCFS papers that are incorrect with mistakes to take my money, are they lying that someone got control of my money when I had a psych eval in fall 09? because no one could have as I had the Court Hearing and Ruling and my older daughter was an adult age as I expected alot of PayPal and alot of mail as I had emailed out many letters for stop sex slavery internationally, stop human sex traffick money, office money, and DCFS Victims Fox-Taylor Family Money for my two daughters and my mom and I as being set up to DCFS destroyed much in our lives. It destroyed my livelyhood as a ten year succesful realtor, our family home was lost, and my younger daughter and I lost years together. She ended up going to another County where her dad moved to and she was legally emancipated at 17 also. No one should have anything to do with the money or mail or PayPal as again the DCFS case was closed July 10 ,2010 my older daughter 18 an adult Dismiss from case in 2009. My psych eval ruled me normal. My younger daughter was an adult age when I opened paypal etc. I feel I D theft could be done to me by someone using an incorrect DCFS paper that I was never given. Many things went on for years that spell identity theft. Our mail box was broken onto the ground two times, my car was broken into and my daughters ballet bag stolen, my realtor listing portfolio stolen. My mothers diamond rings and will living trust stolen. Her account I was POA on since I was 18 years old was closed and for years I wonder is a group lying my money is part of my mothers living trust ? and lying about my psych eval by the incorrect DCFS papers I never saw until after the case was closed as we were gang stalked by cars speeding around and parking in summer 2008 our cats went missing Labor Day 2008. I was slandered anonymously to DCFS in 2009 spring and set up, were the anonymous liars the stalkers? that framed me to rob my identity. Are they they group who lied to aol right after I opened paypal ? and said that’s their group email? are they lying my mothers living trust bank accounts are their group trust accounts? Being stalked and slandered and having identity theft is not fun.