Identity Theft Conspiracy

I do psychic readings everyday since the summer of 2005 and in 2008 summer we were gang stalked by many cars and my psychic reading said ” A two or more lied son of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying”. When two or more people tell the same lie, conspire to tell it and plan it out that is called a Conspiracy. Then in 2009 after being stalked by cars, trucks etc. I was outright lied about and set up to a Goverment Agency and a case file was opened by anonymous callers lying about me and the lies were dismiss without prejudice in Court in 2009. Then later I saw false Government Agency papers full of mistakes that had lies put back in that were deleted in their entirety, it said in 09 Dismiss without Prejudice, these were papers I never received and I saw them after the set up Gov. Agent case file was closed in Court July, 2010. For years I wonder if my money stolen by these incorrect papers full of mistakes that I never recieved. I was told in Court in July 2010 we are going without papers the case is being dismissed ! and it was then later on I see papers I never saw or recieved that are wrong. I feel my money is stolen by them. I am trying to stop I D Theft from being done as me a great mom was set up to DCFS. I am over nice calm patient and sober since 1985. A long time sober AA lady was framed in 09 by anonymous callers and others lying and that is a fact. My older daughter turned 18 years old in 2009 an adult age and she was DISMISS from case. I had a psych eval for being psychic, for reporting my crime tips to save my kids from sex slavery. When I had the psych eval in 2009 fall my older daughter was 18 years old. I think some group is lying we got control of Nancy Fox’s money by her eval and the DCFS case file. That’s IMPOSSIBLE. My daughter was an adult for one thing ! and I had a Court Hearing at my psych eval in fall 09 and I was ruled Not gravely disabled not a danger to myself or others and released !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD ! I really think my money and mail is stolen by fraud. I think they could have put white out on the ruling and changed the box They could lie some relative got control when NO THEY COULD NOT HAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAUGHTER WAS 18 is why !!!!!!!!!!!!! and that’s the LAW. But laws are not being followed as robbery and I D Theft has been done to me and gone on for so long. I always made alot of money in my life as a Costume Designer Nancy G Fox I made one hundred thousand a year and as a California Realtor for ten years. In 2009 when I was slandered set up lied about by a two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy who framed me I started writing many letters explaining this. I faxed my letters with the facts in 2009 and started emailing many letters out to raise money to get my daughters custody no money ever came not a dime. I wrote letters explaining I need money to pay my mortgage on my one story dream home where my family and I had lived happily, my two daughters who were teenagers then and when we were stalked in 2008 our whole lives started falling apart. I was literally set up to DCFS a nice long time sober AA lady hard worker in 09. My elderly mom was going to move into the one story house with us in summer 2009 and I wrote a million letters I need money to pay my mortgage, my life was destroyed, we were stalked, I was lied about, my elderly mom is supposed to live in our house with us , I need money for the Bank of America mortgage so we can be back in our house by fall for School to start. I pleaded with the whole world for money for my mortgage so we could all have our lives back to normal and live in our house. Mortgage money for B of A River Farm Drive Nancy Fox I asked for for years from 2009 to 2012 and no money ever came for the mortgage. I think its because of I D theft. I think it did come and was stolen. I then asked for money to pay the mortgage and make my movie at our house. I wrote “The River Farm Drive Mom- I became a medium to stop slavery” screenplay movie treatment. I emailed my movie all over the place from my many email addresses and said I need money to pay the mortgage and to make my movie there about the victimizing stalking lying and so on. No money ever came, not one cent. The house foreclosed  in 2012. I bet there is years and years of stolen mortgage money sent for me. I emailed the victimizing story out for money to get a car, a computer, to keep my realtor business going as I was suddenly a broke realtor, I had a ten year real estate business ruined by liars and stalkers. Suddenly I had no car to sell houses or to pay realtor dues and no cell phone for work calls. In 2009 I walked across the San Fernando Valley one day, I walked to AA meetings in the morning from my moms house that I moved to in 09 in Sherman Oaks. CA. The Court mediation papers said go to AA meetings to socialize so I did. I went morning, noon and at night to AA. I COMPLIED COMPLIED COMPLIED and still lost custody of my daughter then 15 years old July 2010 even though I complied with everything ! I brought a Parenting Class certificate, three therapists letters, went to about 100 AA meetings as a very long time sober lady. I brought my psych eval Certificate Review Hearing Certificate to court and filed it. Still I lost custody and again weeks later I saw a dismissed without prejudice lie my sister told put back in papers I never got and her lie was DISMISS without Prejudice and I hardly saw her or spoke to her and DCFS had no business ever talking to her. So the point I am making here is I D theft and robbery done as I have written victims letters since 2009 and asked for money and no money has ever come. I have asked for money for MYDCFSVICTIMIZINGSTORY the Best Mom that’s posted on my wordpress from ages ago with my paypal and no money no paypal I say IMPOSSIBLE !  Fox-Taylor Family Victims money for the mom Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor to cover her family, where is it? I asked for this money in 2009 to get my daughters custody, to pay the mortgage, for my daughters college plans that were affected , for my realtor business, to pay my elderly moms living trust will attorney a retainer fee. NO MONEY. NO MONEY I was trying to get money to have our lives back to normal. To live the way we did as a happy family in our one story house that I bought in 2005 with MY OWN money for my elderly mom to live with us and they took my elderly mom down. Poor Denise S. Fox, she had her old age plans all set up, she was going to live with us and only us. She had me POA on her bank account and only me. She had me First Trustee of her Living trust will in Jan 1995 years before they took us down. She promised me my grandmas big diamond ring in fall 2007 for me and only me and guess what? The ring went missing. Alot of rings were gone then and we reported it. Still no rings, stolen property of my moms is not recovered. I wrote a million letters for victims money for my elderly mother to pay her trust attorneys. Her living trust was missing from her house in Sherman Oaks CA in spring 09 right when I was set up and lied about to DCFS. What a coincidence ? I think NOT ! Her bank account I was POA on was closed at this time also POA Nancy G Fox since I was 18 years old I was POA on my moms bank account me and me alone and she wanted no one else in her business. Not a coincidence. I am First Trustee Nancy Gail Fox-Taylor of her Denise S. Fox Family Trust Jan 28 1995. STOLEN FROM HER HOUSE IN 09 WHEN I WAS SET UP WHY? they wanted to rob me stalk slander me victimize me scare me to death to set me up for a never needed psych eval to LIE in a conspiracy she’s not able to be the First trustee as her elderly mom planned in 1995 or POA on her bank she had since 1978 or POA for her mom by the power of attorney Denise S Fox assigned to Nancy Fox in 2007. That’s why I think my DCFS VICTIMS money sent since 2009 for the Fox-Taylor Family is her bank accounts. I think gang stalkers who stalked our house slandered me by a two or more lied conspiracy steal the money from mail addressed to me and deposit it in my moms bank accounts. She’s almost 97 years old, is not talking for a year, has memory loss since 2008 and lives in OakviewOjai CA where she told me she never wanted to live. Fox-Taylor Family victims money to pay Denise S. Fox’s trust attorneys to straighten all this out. For Nancy Gail Fox to get custody it said until 2013 when my younger daughter turned 18. To pay the mortgage it said until 2012, For college for my older daughter. For my realtor business to keep it going and For THE MOM TO COVER HER FAMILY BECAUSE WE WERE STALKED It said this in 2009 and for ages I sent these letters for Fox-Taylor Family Victims money and where is it? I think its sitting in bank accounts that say Denise S. Fox Group Trust hidden away from me and my daughters who are adults with children, they are 25 and 29 years old. My mothers bank accounts are for her money and her money alone. There is no Denise S Fox Trust. she has a living trust, that means its only her money to be in her accounts, when she dies then her money becomes family trust money of her three children only, First Trustee Executor Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor dated Jan 29 1995 years and years before my mom had memory loss and poor Denise Fox she’s a targeted individual also. So in 2010 I emailed letters from three lap tops I carried in my purse and then later from three cell phones non stop and no money no money none at all. In 2010 I emailed book deal letters and the victims letters and no money no response emails and no mail. 2011 I emailed for money for a Los Angeles Antislavery Office, NO MONEY EVER CAME NOT A CENT 2012 I opened a P O Box in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd and it was always STARK EMPTY. I wrote letters for the Medium For God channel writer rent money for my apartment and NO RENT MONEY EVER HAS COME. I think its stolen from mail and from under the front door mat. Many gang stalker sites say Gang Stalking Post Offices, I D Theft etc. That would be over eight years of Nancy Gail Fox rent money. In 2013 I opened another P.O. Box in NOHO, Stark Empty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emailing wordpresses like crazy with PayPal all over them and not a penny no PayPal no mail no money. Thats almost 8 years of PayPal thats probably stolen by a group who lied to AOL. A group of liars told AOL my PayPal email address was theirs. I D Theft !!!!!!!!!! how much pay pal is it ? from my 7 emails that are all connected thats supposed to go right on my PayPal credit card Nancy Fox and not a cent shows Up I hope money comes soon so I can save all the Targeted Individuals.

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