Individuals Are Targeted For Human Sacrifice

I am writing a list of tips to save the Targeted Individuals lives. In addition to being a gang stalked targeted individual for many years I am a psychic detective doing crime tip readings for tips to stop it. I started doing psychic readings for myself in 2005 everyday on my Angel Board by spelling out sentences and words. In 2007 my Angel Board spelled Voyerism and that means a peeping tom, years later I wrote the word ispy all the time and then I read on the Gang Stalking sites about security cams,survellence stalking which is the same thing by stop sex slavery internationally psychic readings have said since 2007 by the word Voyerism.
In 2008 we were gang stalked by cars at our house and I started in on my stop sex slavery psychic detective crime tip readings then to find out who these people were that were stalking us and why. My psychic readings kept spelling out  A two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying. That’s the same thing the Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals web sites say. The gang stalkers lie about targeted indiviuals and ruin everything they are doing by stalking them on survellence. Invisible criminals they are and targeted indiviuals know this as they experience it.
In 2009 I became a full medium clear vessel which means the spirits actually go in my body and write and speak by me. I started channel writing to stop sex slavery internationally then and do everyday since, my readings in 2009 wrote alot about cutting off clitoruses and about barbaric surgerys, capturing people by Government set up and framing and so on. Much of what I wrote about how people are captured matches up to the Gang Stalking Targeted Indiviual web sites. Year’s after doing the stop sex slavery internationally work I found the Targeted Indiviual Gang Stalking sites and read them and said Oh my God this is just what my psychic crime tips say and then realized Targeted Indiviuals are Gang Stalked for Sex Slavery. Sad but true, I wish it wasn’t the case but I know it is by doing this work for around thirteen years as my psychic readings are accurate and I have written millions of pages about it to stop it. I have pieced in to the psychic crime tips facts of what I have experienced to figure their whole criminal system out to stop them from murdering people in human sacrifice run by a satanic cult. That’s why Targeted Individuals are Gang Stalked and that’s my psychic theory. I am going to list my crime tips to try to save all the targeted indiviuals lives as to bust them for their crimes is my goal and to stop the capturing of Targeted Indiviuals who are probably are or were a Government Agency Case File.

My Theory Tips

1.)  A satanic cult finds out what women filed for a divorce.

2.)  The cult finds out if the women who filed are mothers with children.

3.) They put spy cams on the porches and wait for the divorce decrees to come and probably say no pun is ever really ever so intended on that hanus word “come” as that is the way they talk, always vulgar and sick.

4.) They put ispy on stop signs, curbs, porches, mail boxes, front doors, garage doors, car hoods, ispy is everywhere as soon as the family goes on their human sacrifice list. They frame the innocent targeted indiviuals and lie they have reason to investigate them. They may lie they stole money they borrowed, lie their ispy peeping tom they did on them is porn and so on. They will tell any lie to make it look like an investigation to frame the person to a Government Agency to say we got control of that persons mail, money, medical, emails etc.

5.) The cult say they are investigators and really they are framers. They may say they are a Child Protective Sting Van unit. The Watch Dogs Los Angeles. CA A medical observation unit.

6.) The fake stings put ispy in the entire house on the family naked and cast them in kiddy porn and snuff movie films and clitoral cutting human sacrifice movies they make underground, under Mail Boxes is where they build many rooms by where the mothers live, at all locations they gang stalk from the rooms wherever the moms move to as they run them out of their happy family home and do them in to make them the targeted individuals broke and stuck to lie thats a disabled case file we cover for the Courts to rob them blind to frame them to appear as a bum on Welfare to set up medical kidnaps of them and the whole family, kids of all ages, grown adult children and their kids babies to.

7.) Ispy is put over the babies toddlers childrens teenagers beds and in underwear sheets pillow cases, toliets, bath tub nozzles, shower heads, in clothes, in recessed lights, on doors, floors in the family home and peeping tom is done on the kids of all ages. They exploit them and cast them in kiddy porn snuff films clitoral cutting human sacrifice human sex trafficking is done for years to some first and some two year olds are kept a long time for kiddy porn and nine year olds also. They say the mom agreed to give access to medical records by a paper signed at a Child Protective Office without her knowing she agreed by that paper the cult says, it lasts forever they can do whatever they want. They say thats for medical observation units, to keep track of urination and bowl movements and sit in rooms underground writing logs and say they are monitors for the Court covering case file families on spy watch cams. Really the satanic cult is sitting there naked masterbating to children and their mothers vaginas they stare at in toliet spy cams underwear and so on. The satanic cult of gang stalkers are naked on meth heroin smokin weed they say and boozin it up having a big orgy with each other getting reved up to make their flicks. Those are words they say in my readings. These are my psychic crime tips which I know are accurate.

8.) After they put ispy all over the houses apartments to do voyerism peeping tom for kids porn snuff movie clitoral cutting human sacrifice  gang stalking they spy on the legally divorced mothers making love with their boyfriend by ispy and say if they have another man in the birth canal the uterus then they are a bad person and go on their list to get. They say that means they do the whole family in in front of each other strapped down chained down clamped down this satanic cult of sex addicts addicted to murdering get meth beforehand and heroin after the human sacrifice movies they make of the case files families. They do ispy on the moms private area and say if she has three orgasms in a row that warrants a DCFS CPS case file but the moms never hear of it are not asked its done secretly they make up other things and pretend there needs to be a case file and say no reason at all ever really to each other, amongst themselves. They say no man is ever allowed in the sacred birth canal at all but the real Father the Pa Pa if the mom does that that means they are bad and the whole family is tainted. They lie that is a satan mom. They say cumming three times in a row means they are a sex phen a whore to do in. They do clitoral pressure to them for 10 hours to teach them a real needed lesson for doing that, for cumming away are the words the satanic gang stalker cult says. They do oral sex to the moms and clitoral pressure by packs of them Government Agent case workers and men do it to the kids of all ages at the same time all retrained in front of each other.

9.) It starts with the ispy peeping tom in the houses, at this time the cult starts brain washing everyone the targeted indiviual knows. They lie five hands back so lies leak in all over where the Targeted Indiviuals live. They pay people they know to be on their spy watch cam committees. They put their names on bank accounts where they put the moms and their kids money. They tell the people who are spying with them on cells that they will devy up all the money in those accounts later when they take them away. They say keep the mom broke so they can show up force a shot by a Judges Court warrant they get at midnight and one am at the Judges houses. The pack of the satanic cult shows up in nurse uniforms shoot the moms up tie them off with knitting yarn and say they got a CPS DCFS Dept of Health Welfare court warrant to force medication and to do it to their kids of every age at the same time wherever they live by aiming coordination. Its speed balls meth heroin Ajax. The nurses may be in their 20s to 30s looking cute in nurse outfits, they may be young women the kids grew up with. My psychic readings say they get kids from their School Classes by shooting them up with drugs, paying them to steal the families mail, Leasing and buying them new white cars with stolen money thats the targeted indiviuals money. They get groups of kids addicted to drugs and sex and train them to do this, they brain wash this cult and tell them that a mom who files for divorce then has sex with a man and cums is a bad person to do in, that orgasms warrant a Child Protective Case file without the moms ever knowing that is said. These groups of young women, the kids friends are brain washed and become pedophile sex addicts drug addicts. They get drugs for getting the people and they say they are Monitors for the Court of Law covering case files, they lie the case file mother is gravely disabled and say they cover their typing from the rooms down below by computer programs, they slip mickeys liquid plummer microchips in moms and do electronic harrasment to them when they type to mess it up. They hack them and lie to people their covering a persons disabled typing. They may say they work for the Court of Law as Monitors covering a gravely disabled case file, they say thats the whole entire reason they lied about them from the get go, from the very dam beginning was to do this to them. They may say they are Computer Technicians that work for City Halls, for CPS DCFS Department of Health Welfare Services case workers that sit right by them in the rooms they built to do this. To gang stalk the targeted indiviuals it means, the families they plan on killing. Really they block emails from the persons email in box new mail, they steal their jobs from the persons emails, they steal their work calls by bugging cells and by tapping lines, they rob their ups fed exes from trucks and ups fed ex offices, they steal their mail by spy cams on porches and from post offices and steal it from the mail mans truck by warrants they get that say we got control of this mothers mail by the cps dcfs Dept of Health Welfare case file. They steal the moms money and deposit it into the bank accounts that have all the gang stalkers names on it. The Case workers faxes a paper to eighty people the targeted indivuals know and tell the eighty people this person has problems, they are handicapped by the way they are acting, please sign this and you can go on this bank account, deposit their money earnings into it paypal cash app Western Union and that you will be paid a salary from it and we will devy the money up among the eighty people on the spy watch cam committee when we take them away. The fake case workers are pedophiles rapists serial killer drug addicts hardened dangerous criminals setting up many pre mediatated murders.

10) They give the spy watch cam committee people the electronic harrasment cell phone computer program to gang stalk. They send it to their cells and computers to down load it. They tell them to lie in logs that will be helping to force help to take the family to hotels for therapy for DCFS CPS etc. The family is gang raped in the hotel rooms that are reserved in such great advance they say. It is human sacrifice set up by gang stalkers doing electronic harrasment to the targeted individuals. Many are stupid fools who fall whatever lies a Goverment Agent tells them. They are paid the targeted indiviuals money thats stolen to murder them in human sacrifice movies.

11.) The two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy are given a target date to set the moms up. They lie about them to a Government Agency to open a case file based on their lies. Then the case workers go to banks and say they got top secret control of this mother and her childrens money to hold back deposits earnings payroll etc and to let four hundred go through, they lie thats a welfare deposit of four hundred a month or two times a month. The lie to authoritys the moms are welfare bums, disabled persons they are covering who need some quick fast help.

12.) They detain the childrens custody from the mothers by the lies told about them, the gang stalkers paid to be on the spy watch cam committees call in and lie and set them up, frame them, slander them , do fake profiles. The case worker pedophile junkys run around lying thats a bad person a really bad mom she lost full custody in the Court don’t let her have her own money mail ups fed ex take it off the porch and from her mail box here is a key. The case workers have keys to Mail Boxes also and steal the persons mail rob their money deposit it in the bank accounts with 80 names on it and say DCFS CPS Got control of the mother and childrens money by the case file. They will keep saying that even when the daughters may be 10 years older adult ages. They keep stealing the money from adult children and depositing it in the bank accounts with eighty names on it.

13.) After they take the kids custody away by lies told about them they put microchips in their coffee cups when they are showering. They go in with a key and slip it in so she will swallow it and then they all do the electronic harrasment gang stalking to the poor heart broken robbed mother.

14.) They capture the families by medical kidnappings. They do the electronic harrasment keys on cells to hurt their body to have an ambulance take them to E R S DRs offices for the pack of 20 to show up in nurse outfits to shoot them up by tying off their arm with knitting yarn kept in their brand spankin new white cars that they do remotes on parked in front of their houses to burn rectums to 120 degrees to do clitoral vibrator to them to lie they have a vagina problem, the sick young women the childrens peers from growing up say they got a real giant pussy problem a vj away V back surgery set up after we all eat them out in front of each other. The satanic sex cult of young women ages 20 to 32 are very dangerous, they are sex addicts, drug addicts who murder for it. Many are trained at 12 years old, 17 etc and many are ages 22 and 24 and 25 and 29 years old.

15.) They take all family members from all locations at the same time. By ambulances, by DCFS CPS Department of Health Welfare Services, By Judges papers warrants from the Courts. By hand cuffing them, they make fake charges, fake profiles, set up teenagers for shop lifting to get them. 100 ways they capture the targeted indiviuals.

16.) They take them to five star hotel suites that they arranged in such great advance, beds are taken out of the hotel and motel rooms for gang raping, their are mirrors on floors ceilings, The satanic men rape them to death and they lie thats DCFS CPS Department of Health Welfare Group family therapy , and say we take them there by Court Warrants ordering medication and therapy for our case files. Helplessly murdered by papers.They take many in by strechers, gurneys, and hand cuffed and in laundry hampers from the tall white medical observation unit fake sting vans.

17.) After they are raped to death in the hotel room they take them to other hotels, 30th floor suites have 30 sex slaves on floors. They pad lock 30th floor hotel room suites and put do not disturb signs no housekeeping signs on the kiddy porn doors. They capture black men and make them do kiddy porn in the 30th floor hotel rooms for one year. They have men as slaves that they make gang rape the daughters in the rooms underground dressed in cover alls work uniforms.

18) After the hotel gang raping of sex slaves they take them out of hotels by wheelchairs and lie they are disabled and in laundry hampers they put them  in vans in hotel parking lots. Put them down a sidewalk ground hatch down a pipe slide to the rooms built underground for human sacrifice.

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