My Life and Psychotronic Torture

                                       December 12, 2020

I have had to endure pain in my life before. In my childhood I was diagnosed with a severe case of Tourette syndrome. My head would shake uncontrollably and the pain in my neck was bad. Since my head couldn’t stop shaking to get relief from the pain I had to learn to keep going through the pain. I don’t like to take pain relievers so I don’t take them. I would just lay down for a while and rest through the pain. While my head kept shaking. I had no control over it. As an adult I don’t have the Tourette syndrome like I did in my childhood. It has settled down and my head doesn’t shake uncontrollably anymore. In January of 2002 I got myself into a bad situation while chatting with strangers on the internet. They were not who they said they were and they were not the nice people I thought they were. I was asleep when they sneak into my apartment/ unit through an unlocked door and put a microchip in my back. I have learned since then to keep my door locked. They then put together a website on the internet which they were hoping would cause me to be condemned. They expected me to kill myself as a result of my reaction to what they were able to do to me with their website.   The directed energy and VR head set and gloves to work on my body which they had uploaded and scanned to the website They started the V2K later on. They also claimed to be able to kill me slowly with the VR or Directed Energy they use. The people using the website cause pain in areas of my body at different times. I don’t drive a car or have a drivers license so I walk to the bus and trax train. I ride public transportation in Utah, United States. They have targeted my feet, ankles and legs with the directed energy and the VR to cause me constant pain when I walk. It hurts a lot but I keep going through the pain. I don’t take the pain relievers I am prescribed. Like in my childhood the pain is out of my control. I can’t tell those people to stop what they are doing to me. They won’t listen to me and actually stop it when I tell them to. It’s a blessing not to have the Tourette syndrome to add to all the pain in my adult life. The pain I live with these days is human caused. I just want those people to stop it and leave me alone but they love the website that was put together as a game. It is fun for them. The website has been going on for almost 19 years now. Their Private investigator is rich from the website. He gets most of the money the internet pays for such a fun used website. The investigator settles any problem that comes up with the website by explaining to people that I’m just mentally ill and nothing bad is really going on. Especially when I write to the authorities about my situation being a targeted individual of their website. Their investigator keeps the website going and he lives good on the money it makes. Their investigator is trying to keep the authorities from the truth of the matter so that if I die with this website there he can lead these people to safety from being arrested for my death. If the website has anything to do with my death in the future I think the website and the people who used it and their investigator should pay for what they did. My adult kids should get money for what they have had to endure being raised through condemnation. They should be able to sue those people and their investigator and live off of what they get from the lawsuits due to their mother’s death in the future. This is what should happen. It would only be fair to my kids and me after what we have suffered through as a result of their website. When I write poetry and make photo books of what I’ve been through it helps me psychologically to get through it. Here is my newest poem.

Electronic Torture

With a voice in my head

and a tear in my eye,

The words echo plainly

“Why don’t you just die.”

My mind in the fight

to be free of the sorrow,

Will I still feel the pain

when I wake up tomorrow?

In my walk to endure

and oftentimes cope,

The struggle is real

that brings with it hope.

The shadows that follow

would be quick to deny,

From a distant computer

and a website that spy.

The psychotronic torture

and harassment is there,

The reality that shatter

and darken my stare.

Inside I tremble,

my cries are not heard,

I’m stuck in the moment

and silenced of word.

  © Shelley W. Williams -2020

Thank you,

      Shelley W. Williams

I wanted to let you know how it all started. In the past (2001-2002) I was chatting with somebody on the internet named Mohammed who was so nice. He had said that his name was Mohammed Jaweed Lateef but the truth was that it was not one person I was chatting with it was two people named Saeed Lateef (Saeed could be spelled Jaweed) and Javed. I offended them while chatting with them on the internet.

(I don’t know if I spelled the names right and Javed’s last name is not Lateef.) They both lied to me so I don’t know for sure what Javed’s last name is.

Joy and Saeed Lateef and Javed who started it all in the past. (2002 Website- Game of Condemnation). They website name has changed a lot over time. It’s nit the game of condemnation anymore. They started the App for their website in 2015. 

Gary Balian and Javed creator of the website in 2002 when I lived in Southern, Utah, (Hurricane, Utah at Knollwood Townhomes.) Now I live in Midvale, Utah at Midshore Manor Apartments. where the App was started in 2015.

I don’t know what they changed the website to these days. I have been blocked from getting to their website since the condemnation is against me. Their reasons to condemn me are lies.

The website has been passed on to other people over time. I don’t know the people it was passed on to these days.

I have tried to tell my family and my therapist and The Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake mental health unit

that I was chatting with somebody on the internet back in 2001-2003, and I offended them. He had lied to me about his name and I was chatting with more than one person under the same name over the internet and I didn’t even know it. They were Muslim. When I offended the person back in 2001/ 2002 over the internet they contacted people around me where I was living at the time in Hurricane, Utah. They had them do mean things to me, acting angry and out of hate. They eventually had another person (Joy Lateef, her married name) sneak into my apartment when I was asleep and she inserted a microchip underneath the skin in my back where I wouldn’t notice it when I woke up. I sleep well when on medication for mental illness and I didn’t wake up to it.

Thank you,

        Shelley W. Williams

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