My Story

Hi there,

This is my Targeted Individual story…

My background story:

In the very beginning I remember coming back from my Pharmacy class in the CBD, after recently my mother had passed away from Cancer. We had some new neighbors move in, across from us and suddenly from a distance I see a woman near they’re gates. From no where, I suddenly hear, ‘what are you staring at? Why is she staring at me?!’.

I was quite surprised to be honest as this was always an slight concern of mine. (That I do not smile much and always sometimes might stare a little too much out of habit). Well as the weeks went on eventually I started hearing projected audio into the whole house, which no one else seemed to hear in the household. I was confused by this and they were suddenly complaining about my bedroom light being on but there’s no way they could see this, across the road. I brought some blackout curtains as an result but they always seemed to know when I had the light on and wherever I was. I even spoke to them once but they decline any knowledge of anything. (However they were the same voices).

The street theatre started to go a more dangerous turn, one day before heading out into the city. They threatened to shot me or harm me if I did. I went out anyway but nothing came out of it. Eventually they just settled with insults everyday and night, never stopped. They still don’t.

I couldn’t workout what was happening to me, this made no sense – what was the point of making someone’s life a living hell. Then one night it dawned on me, it wasn’t across the road! It was next door! I found figured that out but it took another 1 year and some months of research to discover the term Targeted Individual.

Then everything finally fell together, the gang-Stalking, the commentary, the profiling, the anchoring but for no reason. Until one day they told me as long as any of my family live on this street, they will stalk me and make my life a living hell. The issue is, my family don’t believe me and there’s nothing I can do about that. So I’ll settle for exposing them to the world. My only regret was during the before months I attempted to tell my family, they didn’t believe me and thought I must be crazy. So I simply don’t anymore – I only struggle from day to day and they wonder, what happened to their more happier child or sister. Being an unbeliever Targeted Individual happened to me.

Where we live: Australia, North lakes.
All the projected sounds seem to come from our neighbor’s house. (If you look up our street, you’ll see that they are the closest and only logical explanation for sound penetration to our home). Plus he started to officially use his own voice of late anyway.

We live in a normal suburb and none of our houses are connected – there is actually a 5 meter space between our homes. We strongly believe that they are somehow projecting some form of Audio and frequencies into our home.

We have experienced the following symptoms:

– Burning/isolated hot spots and chills sensations at different times. In the car while parked or at home. I’ve asked on Quota, some say radio frequencies for their penetrating/heating abilities while others blame radar. E.g. Apparently a cop’s co-workers use to put handhold radar guns to their ‘gentlemen parts’ during winter to keep warm, they got cancer as an result. Microwave wave transmitters, I’ve attempted to study as well as they can go through brick walls but at an limited rate. I’ve contacted organisations regarding this matter, pretending to be an professional, worried about their workers exposure to such an new communication device but they either stay silent or answer – Maybe safe, don’t stand in front of it, if it’s professional grade or your dead. (Too informative regarding boat’s radar abilities).

– We sometimes feel sudden anxiety or stress for no reason as the result of very noticeable changes in heavy air pressure or usual sensations of high frequencies. We believe that we were profiled during this stage to test our hearing abilities, as I can remember; Studying my pharmacy community certificate and suddenly had an unknown pressured thought. Probably most likely a speaker just below my hearing ability, among with ultrasound for attention. They like to use both, frequencies to teach certain reactions or words. However that’s usually after exposure/training I guess.

– Sharp stinging in the ear, back of the head or strong pressure in general. The sharp stinging is usually high frequencies at high decibels.

– Gang-stalkers use key phrases in sentences, conversations or overly loud noises to gain your attention. Insults are often hidden in such generalize chatter but a targeted Individual will know what they are looking for.

– Abrupt sleep disturbances by either low frequency speaking or sudden change in air pressure.

I am currently working with an acoustic engineer from Up work to assist me with recording and shielding purposes. Shielding should be the first thing to consider, once discovered as it enables you to continue on living. I also assist or provide information to other TI’s as well.

There’s my story, that’s me. People simply go with it, don’t help and add more misery to my life or my families, indirectly. At my work as well.

I hope this will story a little bit.

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