Nancy Gail Fox

Looking back on my life I believe people I’ve known in my life got in on stalking that’s gone on for fifteen year’s as people I know would just appear out of nowhere. People I’d not seen for ages also. I believe this conspiracy of betrayal may have started at my wedding in 1992 Aug. at The Bel Air Bay Club in The Pacific Palisades as hardly any guests brought a wedding gift and left quicker than planned. They suddenly took off and I felt betrayal was going on and my husband at the time, my ex now also was shocked and disappointed there were not wedding gifts. We could not believe it. At other times when we had parties at our house people would show up, all grab a broom etc. as if someone told them go clean up, it felt like betrayal many times in these situations. My house was usually pretty clean also. Other times someone coming in the house would go straight to look in the garage as if someone told them go see how messy the garage is. Many occurrences such as this have gone on which made me like people were sneaking around talking behind my back. I feel it could be related to gang stalking, victimizing, identity theft. I wonder is there a long ago date where I went on a targeted individuals list? To be set up, stalked, slandered, set up, made broke and stuck which happened in spring 2009 and for almost 12 years I write letters about the injustice done and no money comes, no mail, PayPal etc. Exactly how many years preceded this big set up done to me a nice lady. I’m one who makes certain I do nothing wrong as I like to keep a clear conscious. I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings the first time in 1979. I was taking pills is why I went to AA and stopped taking them therefore a recovered pill popper I don’t take medication. That’s part of the set up done to me, as in 2009 spring my sister called DCFS and said I needed to take my psychotropic medication and took none, needed none, no prescription and so on. I do not take medication as I am a recovered pill popper. Medication could set up a relapse and I will not take it, do not take it, I am against it. Only if it’s been prescribed for pain in the past and is absolutely necessary have I taken prescribed needed medication. I am sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since Feb 9,1985 stone cold sober, the Big Book says no mind altering chemicals, I like feeling sober and having my feelings also and I will have 36 years sober this coming Feb 9,2021. I live a sober spiritual life of honesty and integrity and to have sneaky liars back stabbing , B Sing, manipulating in a seemingly betrayal conspiracy is an awful feeling as I don’t game play, or manipulate others. I don’t judge people, I am a human rights lady who likes to treat everyone equally so I do no wrong and know all I do is with good intention and sincerity and so on. The saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words won’t ever hurt me I say. I say I know I’m a good person no matter what anyone says or does. I know who I am, I know I deserve all good and to have bad awful means things happen that I don’t deserve is something I have to tolerate and continue of my path of writing yet another letter as I’ve done since their big set up spring 2009. The controlling freaks from hell I call them to myself all the time, to purposely harm a person as they have, to ruin their life on purpose, to steal livelihood and deserved earnings by identity theft in a sneaky mean liar back stabbing betrayal scandal which I found means “ gang stalking a targeted individual”. What I’ve been through matches up to the gang stalker web site information, it’s what I’ve been reporting and reporting and reporting since they did that to me. I am a victim who’s life was ruined by malicious sneaky cruel acts done by people I call inhumans and their opposite personality’s of me. In addition to going to AA to stay sober for so long I also go to Alanon since 1992 I work an Alanon program and that spiritual program says don’t medel in peoples business, don’t try to control people, don’t cause drama and don’t speak ill of another person or judge them as AA also says. I am one who would say to myself what are my motives ? Do I have good intentions ? and I learned this in 1985 and practice it since then as my AA sponsor taught me “check your motives”. Also my ACA program taught me to nurture myself, love myself,do nice things for yourself and that’s been hard as money doesn’t reach me to do that or anything normally. Also, since I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs I usually eat whatever I want to reward myself and for 12 years I can’t do anything the way I normally did and have stayed sober despite it as I do not ever want to drink or use again. I would die for sure if I was not sober as I spend so much time and energy to stop gang stalking, I fight back and report and remember every incidence and date as I’m stone cold sober and it’s very mean to gang stalk a long time sober lady who worked hard to get sober and who stays sober one day at a time for almost 36 years. My life in sobriety was what they call a “pink cloud” where everything was always wonderful, it flowed along in harmony peace, serenity with prosperity and I always worked hard, suited up showed up did what was in front of me, the footwork planting seeds to make money and said “God will provide “ I trusted him and he always did provide til the gang stalkers arrived and started reaping what I’d sewn and they made me broke and stuck almost 12 years ago in spring 09. They rob what God intends to provide for me by my work and my prayers I believe and actually feel very positive about this as I am go getter type, ambitious, self motivated and productive and have always been this way in my life. I am the type to spend time reading a book to educate me to further a profession instead of a romance novel. I don’t waste time playing games online or sending silly messages. I am a working a lot. I started working on films as a Costume Supervisor in 1979 at age 19 and I became a Costume Designer and worked on many movies, films, and television shows. I made a good living doing this in my 20s to mid 30s. When I was 21 I lived in Sherman Oaks in an apartment with a woman I grew up with. met in 7th grade and she was my wardrobe assistant on movies in the 1980’s Jan Masterman, I lived with her til I was 23. Then I got sober at 25 and was not as close with her as I was involved in my AA spiritual program. I became a realtor in 1999. I trained with a realtor working for free for months before I got my Real Estate liscense therefore I sold five houses or so my first year working as a realtor. I always loved real estate and bought my first property of my own when I was 28 years old, I was 3 years sober then and a Costume Designer nominated for an Emmy Award also in 1997. I did my spiritual psychic work always on the side as my interest since I was a child and saw it as a hobby. Ouija Board when I was 10, tarot cards, I Ching in my 20’s for fun and I read many Astrology Books, Positive Thinking Books since age 17 and books about heaven, and the will of God, psychic medium books and aiways watched esp and medium TV shows and I did not know all this training would lead to my psychic medium career and profession later on that started as an interest and hobby but it did. In 2009 I became a medium channeler right at the take down and I said I’m put on this path with this gift so I am making it my career now. I set up my medium business called Medium For God then and no money comes, no mail and then no PayPal when I opened that in 2013. A group lied my paypal aol address was their groups email address and I feel it’s Gang stalkers robbing my money as I thought right away when we were stalked by cars in 2008 I said out loud to my daughters “ I bet a real estate agent is after my business, who would stalk us ? I don’t have any enemy’s “ as again I did nothing wrong. I’m sober and would say each night in my prayers I was a good person today I am a good mom I stayed sober pat myself on the back Amen. That’s really what I always said so for stalkers to swarm around our house was shocking, what is going on ? I said and thought I bet it’s a realtor after my business, my ten year Real Estate business I had built up. They destroyed it by malicuous acts and so I started my Medium For God medium business 20 miles away in Sherman Oaks at my moms house where I grew up as I ended up living there to take care of her with her dementia , because her plan to move in our house was destroyed and because I was set up to DCFS by anonymous callers lying about me a very nice mom who does nothing wrong, my sister lied to them and due to them my daughters ended up living in North Hollywood with their Dad. 5 minutes from Sherman Oaks was the other reason I moved back to the San Fernando Valley. The dcfs case file was opened based on lies and the lies were Dismiss without prejudice in court in 2009 and it dismissed pages of liars calling my dreams dillusions. It said “ the mom has outside stressors” no kidding! I am the slandered stalked set up victim and I’ve explained this a million times over since it happened. Wrote a million letters to raise money to get my daughters custody, now she’s 25 and she was 15 at the time. My other daughter is 29 now and she was 18 at the time and it said
Jessica Taylor Dismiss From Case.
I mention this time and time again as due to all this in 2009 I had a psych eval fall 09 that ruled me
Not gravely disabled not a mental disorder not a danger to myself or others on a Certificate Review Hearing Certificate filed at the court.
I feel whoever the group is lying about my paypal being their groups could be lying about my psych eval court ruling from over 11 years ago.
They could put white out on it or something.
They could put white out on my business registration box that says owned by an Individual Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor
They could be lying it’s their corporation money. From all the suspicious activity that’s gone on for so long.
In 2005 I had my 20 year AA sober party at our two story house, I had upgraded it to put it on the market to sell it to buy a one story house for my elderly mom to live with us.
I wonder always if any of those guests were in on the set up done to me.
I bought the one story for my mom to live with us from my money from my two story house. I got a swing loan against it, borrowed the ten percent down against my house.
I got legally separated Jan 2000 my ex got his equity then signed off his community property share in 2000 Jan but he seemed upset about the one story home I bought in summer 2005 as we got the final divorce papers then and he tore things apart in the garage. My sister Linda Fox acted mad at the house and in 2009 my brother lied I was suicidal right before dcfs came by lies told and I was set up to Department of Child Family Protective Services at this time. I’ve never been suicidal in my life. I thought I’d never see dcfs again. My car had broken down and I had several real estate listings and I would have made a hundred grand on them in 2009 but our lives were ruined, my ten year realtor business destroyed I planned to work another 10 to 25 years as a realtor and make half a million a year and retirement referral money, they ruined everything. So I ended up in the valley and started my business Medium For God my new profession. It’s medium work, writing work and it’s half about writing Justice letters, it’s to stop sex slavery internationally and human sex trafficked. That’s the mission I’ve been on this whole time since I was done in, to make money to stop crimes and that’s become and turned into stop gang stalking also as I believe it’s the same thing.
So dcfs through welfare papers on the coffee table in my million dollar house and asked me if my master bathroom was where I prayed and meditated ? Set up to DCFS, made broke and stuck and am ever since. I’m a person who made eight thousand to one hundred thirty seven a year as a realtor for 10 years and as a Costume Designer Costume Supervisor for 18 years, owned a home with a garage washer dryer refrigerator full of food had a maid and went to the dry cleaners. I always lived a normal comfortable life by being a hard worker. To suddenly be broke and stuck and have money mail stopped up is shocking. This was 2009 and before this happened I had different people showing up at my house some brought grocery’s food drinks as if they were framing me to lie they need to help out and why don’t you all go away ? that would help out I thought to just leave us alone stay out of our business as they appeared on our porch and someone walked right in the front door no call no door bell no knock and that’s the woman who was my wardrobe asst that I lived with from age 21 to 23. I told her go to Alanon mind your own business get off the property. Then she called when I had the psych eval and how did she know ? I told her later I had a court hearing and was ruled A concerned citizen for reporting crime tips. I told a lot of people this. She had called me in 2008 or 2009 and said she’s getting a realtor liscense could I train her? Could she work with me?
When I moved to Sherman Oaks in 2009 many people I grew up with would just appear wherever I was and say do you need a ride? and so on. It’s been since 2007 that people show up where I am, are standing outside a market, walk in a restaurant, hop out of a car etc. hundreds of people I could name who appear and is it coincidence? or Gang Stalking ?

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