Neural Weapons

To my brothers and sisters in Israel,
 I’m in Tel Aviv at the moment trying to expose my manifest against Neural Weapons, and my personal story as a victim of Neural Weapons, at the newspapers Haaretz (journalist Aluf Ben), J. Post (journalists Steve Linde and Yaakov Katz), Yediot Ahoronot (journalists Yaron Ron and Neta Livne) and Hadashot Arutz 10 (journalist Israel Rosner), and they don’t want to help; Please help me make pressure on them.
Since terror organizations are using Remote Neural Control Weapons, it became very dangerous for Israelis to travel to countries like Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc; And the Israeli Government is not releasing any information about Neural Weapons.
The present Israeli Government decided to stay silent during this case of International Genocide.
I’m trying to recruit help to expose this case to the Israeli Media, and I thought you may be able to help.
Kind Regards,
Gino Barcal
PS1: Phd Yona Zugman Greenman is a Senior Deputy Director at the Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center; She is the sister of the psychopath pederast Ariel”a” Zugman (the nazi travesty). Dr. Yona Zugman Greenman is also a victim of her psychopath brother, and she is putting in risk her patients while she act as a doctor under torture and under influence of the RNM. Her brain frequency was also syntonized by her psychopath brother using the Remote Neural Monitoring.
My family based in informations received from Mr. Elio Mauer (the charlatan from Curitiba – Brazil) and Mr. Ami Klin (the professor from Emory University), believe that I suffer from paranoid deliriums.
PS 2: This is the beginning of a list with names of victims around the world; I’m trying to locate the Israeli victims here at home.
Ps 3: Please manifest your indignation in this case of International Genocide and Terror, that requires Maximum Priority.
The official authorities are deleting from this web-site pictures and documents that can be used as evidence.
PS: More information can be found in the sites:

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