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Hello Chris Morgan, This is Nicole Larkin I am still being targeted by a guy working with Oxford at Iron Horse apartments name Mike and his employees names are Corey Coleman, Leroy Beatts, Rayshawn Cooke, Kisha, Trinie, Kelly, Jerry, Linda, Micheal. They have had a product on me call dew that the military use against the enemies or as an experiment on people. He also has Illegal surveillance place on me. As well as telling me I’m an Targeted Individual. There is continuous sexual activity happening within their group and location while they are stocking me. They are having sex with each other and telling I’m being placed in the Federal Witness protection program. Which is not being ran like the normal program they have affinities to me that I’m in great danger her at my mother’s and stepfather home and admitted to working for Oxford at Iron Horse apartments and they are having conversations with me over dew military intelligence equipment which is very illegal. Women are being heard screaming in the background our pain while Male employees are having sex with the females. Also Kisha a young lady confirmed to me over dew intelligence from military that Mike is not the real witness protection program. I’m still being hit with emf devices, dew and illegal surveillance. I have to notify the federal government I’m in big danger for me life because Mike has communicated to me my life is in danger. The dew machine Mike is using can also change they he speaks in different names as in Corey Coleman name and a young lady I went to school with name Rayshawn Cooke who is married to James Cooke is have sex with Leroy Beatts. They have people following me as per the dew communication to any where I go. Mike said Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments has not paid him for his gang stalker services. Mike states he spoke with Chris Morgan of North Richland Hills Police Department about all these issues but is really not the federal government witness protection program he stated he needed to pick me up today 06/04/2020 was my last of the federal program. I actually did see Leroy Beatts at the Oxford at Iron Horse apartments and the whole group stated to me I been raped a lot of times at my home at 8313 Prairie Rose Lane Fort Worth Texas 76123 by family and friends. They have stole money off my cash app card and told me Leroy Beatts wants to marry which is all untrue and lies. I told them if they came to pick up falsely acting as they are in the government witness protection program. I was going to kill them all and will make the news cause that’s kidnapping and acting as a federal agency. Oxford at Iron Horse apartments hired these individuals and Mike who they hired has been talking about a race war starting the Oxford at Iron Horse apartments. Also someone has been shooting in the Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments stating “Niggers Get Out Now” these people are really causing major problems in my life and please help me with notifying the federal government to be placed in the real witness protection program ASAP. My life is in real big danger due to them threatening my life over and over Kisha stated they are not the real witness protection program as Mike stated his company was and I know his company to be gang stalking while I was there at Oxford at Iron Horse. Kisha stated a man with a black Dodge Charger has been asking for my number a lawyer he has onboard and my number was not giving to the young man. My life is in very very very great great danger and I’m asking that this information be forwarded over to the or Real witness protection program. These people get into my device emails and stated the white car I drive has been tampered with as for as the brakes and fluid also wheels. They stated they stole my federal government letter out of the back of my white car which is a government document and they still have me on dew equipment listening and seeing all my conversations and where about. I ask they you notify the federal government high security ASAP my life is really in danger. So if I die those IP addresses forward over to you including this IP address was told to put in my car stereo with password 1234567 The whole business this Mike guy that Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments has hired is a Fraud illegal operation. This has be one of the most terrible experiences of my whole entire life Chris Morgan. I will cc the as well. My new address is 3109 Rodeo Street Fort Worth Texas 76119. My phone number is 469-271-8034. I know everything happening to me is very illegal. I found out it was Leroy Beatts when he showed up with a gray jogging suit and du rage tied around his mouth entering into the unit at 5201 apartment adjacent to my right of my apartment 5203 he looked me right in my eyes and I saw him on my instagram page which has been since deleted 06/04/2020 I told him I didn’t believe that was him until I put two and two together again when I still lived in that unit. I don’t want to be harassed by these individuals anymore nor them talking to me by military dew intelligence that is very very illegal and if I come up dead they are the ones who killed me. They have illegal surveillance on me, They placed Military style Dew on me with audio, and have the Hispanics across to the left of me keep a eye on me with antics and street racing on 3109 Rodeo Street Fort Worth Texas 76119. I’ve sent you IP addresses and will be forwarding this information over to Nicole Larkin 469-271-8024 PS: Today was supposed to be my last day of targeting by the so call contractors of the Federal Government Witness protection program and I was supposed to get all my things and go with this guy name Mike, Kisha, Rayshawn Cooke, Leroy Beatts, Corey Coleman, and be placed in the Federal Government witness protection program for my safety because Oxford at Iron Horse apartments had supposely hired someone to kill me meaning take my life due to me moving out and they are threatening legal action on a bill to me for $347+ which I left the apartment in great condition. So Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments is threatening to try and destroy my credit over unnecessary things as in carpet cleaning drip pan water bill. I feel I have to arm myself and shot back if shot at by anyone Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments hire or Mike the guy who stated one time we are going to kill you and my Federal unemployment letter was stolen from My new address 3109 Rodeo Street Fort Worth Texas 76119 some time 3 weeks he advised her over military dew to bring my government document but I highly doubt she will since the group knows how to unlock my car without the alarm going off. (Push to start white car) the back of my truck from a lady in their group by the name of Trinie of Mike’s illegal company who has been gang stalking since I moved to Oxford at Iron Horse apartments and resided at my new location at 3109 Rodeo Street Fort Worth Texas 76119. Mile and Leroy Beatts asked that Trinie put the Federal letter back where she stole it out of my car. Hasn’t happened. I can not believe someone from Oxford at Iron Horse apartments would hire a gang stalker agency to harass me out of their apartments and a guy that tried to date me by the name of Leroy Beatts and Corey Coleman also well as. Rayshawn Cook whom worked and lived with me at 8313 Prairie Rose Lane Fort Worth Texas 76123. Mike has stated and Leroy Beatts states I been raped multiple times by men at Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments whom was my neighbors and others close to me at old address at 8313 Prairie Rose Lane Fort Worth Texas 76123. Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments and this company they Hired a guy by the name of Mike with all mentioned employees I.e. Jerry, Micheal, Linda, Kelly, Kisha, Leroy Beatts, Corey Coleman, Rayshawn Cook, Windy and the Owner Mike who plotted to gang stalk me along with Oxford at Iron Horse Apartments approval. Since Dew Military equipment is still on me I heard Leroy Beatts 06/04/2020 8:45pm say it’s a federal crime to steal federal documentation out of someone car and that Trinie was dumb for stealing the Letter. I have to call the Federal Agency and have the letter reissued and mailed back to my new address and they should have bothered me since the Feds are involved. I want to press charges all all of these individuals and I’m looking for a federal investigation to be started up since Mike stated he was a contractor for the Federal Government Witness protection program and I stated you pick me up I kill you every last single one due to kidnapping me.

FACEBOOK PHOTOS Exposure of my Gang Stalkers Ip Addresses updated 08/16/2020 at 8:30am to 11am proof these Demons are on my WiFi network and these are the Gang Stalkers Ip Addresses on my WiFi network gang stalking me compare them if you are being gang stalked. Please share these Ip addresses with the Targeted Individuals Networks around America. This shouldn’t be happening ever to innocent individuals in America. Bring them to Justice ASAP. Expose your Gang Stalkers.

Justice TI
Keith Lankford
Mike Burton
Michael Coleman

Onika Lewis


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