Obstruction of Justice

The investigator is hiding the people of the condemnation website. It’s called a “Put to Death” website these days.

The investigator gets paid a lot of money from those people. He gets the money the internet pays for the website that has been going on for 18  years now. They get paid to follow me and they constantly torture me. Their investigator does all he can to torture me too.

The investigator gets paid to protect these people from getting into trouble for what they do. He breaks the laws himself. He lies about me “Shelley Williams” to those he talks to on the phone or in messages.

Every time I send a letter to report the website and it’s investigator the investigator contacts a person there and tells them lies about me. He either contacts them by phone or by a message to a cell phone or an email.

People believe everything the investigator says about me when he is lying.

I just want it to stop. I’ve dealt with this for 18 years now because nobody will listen to me or even believe me about it. I don’t want them following me anymore. I’ve had enough of the pain, harassment and torture in my life.

I sent many packages and I sent several letters that could have been stolen by the Condemnation and “Put to Death” Website’s investigator.

I have been writing about the website the investigator is working so hard to hide and keep secret from the authorities.

The investigator makes a lot of money off the website.

I started documenting the mail I send when I found out that a private investigator had gotten a USPS employee to give home the mail I was sending or to hold onto it and not let it go through the post office to be delivered. The investigator is hiding a website that is very much against the law. Besides stealing mail that I have been sending to the authorities about him. He is really fighting the post office to not deliver it.

Thank you,

       Shelley W. Williams

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