Podcast Interview Request

Here are the instructions for requesting a podcast interview.

  1. Pick a TI related topic: Example My Ti Story, Gang Stalking, Mkultra, etc
  2. Pick a day/date: Example Tuesday Oct 19, 2020 Please refer to Calendar
  3. Pick a time: Example 1-2 (all interviews will last approx. 30 to 60 mins). Calendar
  4. Pick the type of interview you would like freestyle or scripted. Example Freestyle is when you are asked any kind of TI question without any knowledge of what questions wil be asked beforehand.  Scripted is when you prepare the list of questions you would like to be asked aka (Hollywood Style).  This protects you from being asked questions you may not be ready to talk about as a TI yet.
  5. Add a personal featured photo (optional)
  6. Finally do you want an open or closed podcast interview.  Example open is with an active audience is on podcast show during interview.  Via link provided  If you choose freestyle interview the audience may be allowed to ask questions, either by typing in comments or be allowed to speak.  (Fyi don’t worry we can end any audience connection call and all live questions will be asked in comments first. Then I wil decide if the question is related to your topic before the audience is allowed to speak.  Closed just you and the interviewer.

Once I receive a response from you I will add you to the calendar and provide you with a link in case you would like to share, or post.  In addition you will be provided with instructions on how to enter the interview. 

Thanks in advance for considering an interview on TIs Fight Back podcast.  Where we are proactively making a difference.  


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