Tamar Braxton You’re A TI

First of all let me start off by saying I am neither for or against Tamar Braxton or The Braxton Family Values.

What I am exposing is what I believe to be true in some aspects.  It’s no secret that Tamar Braxton is the baby of the family and is popular on reality tv because she is very good for ratings.  I believe Tamar is a targeted individual because I can see it very clearly.  The question is does she know it or what exactly does she think is actually going on with her.  I have only watched The Braxtons Family Value first four seasons,  because it does not show in international countries.  Let’s review why i’m keen on the idea that Tamar is a targeted individual.

This technology (U.S Government approved patents) likes to manipulate the targeted individuals mind, and push targets to get angry for a variety of foolish reasons.  The way they do this is by pushing the targets buttons.  In illegal ways of course. 

Tamar on The Braxtons Family Value- when the technology wants people to gang up on you it needs two or more people to do so.  Yes Tamar is stubborn, but it goes beyond that with her and Sister Traci.  They both got along just fine on the show in the beginning seasons.  As time went on they have had repeated drag out fights (Not physical) and act like they really don’t care for each other at this point.  Each is not the preferred sister in each other’s life.   However what if Traci Braxton was being targeted as well.   Playing two targets against each other is the technologies infamous trait.  Being remote neural monitor allows them to intrude on a person’s life and invade their private thoughts and feelings.  Creating a three ring circus around them by V2K, push talking and street theater.  Only because a person thinks hotdog and then a perpetrator will walk by saying you want a hotdog.  A total invasion of privacy.  It will pump up situations to make the target appear dead wrong when they know they are completely right.  You can see when its manipulating on the show. and this is not just a editing factor.  Who controls the editors are they puppets, followers, or perps.

Tamar on The Real- I don’t watch the Real, and I’m not a fan but I was flipping through the channels and I happened to see it one day.  Immediately I noticed that the technology was indeed talking for Tamar or manipulating it to appear as if they were.  This was one of the many signs that I saw Tamar was being targeted, having a motor mouth is a part of the voice to skull technology.  What I noticed is that Tamar could not really tell that it was an opening up tactic.  Which means this technology that invades our lives can manipulate the thinking of a person’s mind.  Whomever the creators of the show are could be or not willingly be involved in gang stalking since they are behind the scenes.  It is quite possible that they are followers.  They can have the follower create topics for the show and that would trigger a conversation which seems normal enough.  (Ratings) But what if the topics are only geared towards one host versus another majority of the times.  Only Tamar can answer that question because it is her thinking that would prompt such conversation.  So I researched some other shows and saw that repeatedly her earring would fall off on multiple shows.  This could be a sign to whomever is watching her v2k would say something like she dropped listening, earring=hearing them.  Or v2k would be telling her she drop listening. This is what they do when they are manipulating you to follow their left and right bullshit.  Fork becomes pick, cup becomes couple.  This is how you catch them manipulating.  Because they talk to much and it’s obvious they are using your eyes in coordination with V2K.  But what if you don’t willingly follow them.  DON’T WORRY I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY WILL FORCE YOU BY THEIR ONGOING TALKING, PUSH TALKING YOU TO FOLLOW ALONG.  You are not alone!

Tamar on Dancing With The Stars– I’m not a fan but I have caught some episodes.  I really thought Tamar was really good in DWTS.  I did notice the typical Tamar say like “no I aint doing that”.  Tamar in my opinion is not a team player, and that’s understandable when the team is set to be targeting you.  It is difficult to feel a certain way inside when nobody really understands, but all the targeted individual hears and sees all day long is this technology tugging and probing at you to find out what you are thinking about.  Stealing Ideas  When they can’t get you to do what they want you to do such as follow their directions they send people your way to harm you physically and mentally to try and get you to respond to their demands.  They do this via whoever comes in contact with the target and when you’re in a team setting they use the team, co-hosts, or other contestants.  Secretly training them one by one to gang up on the target.  Remember it takes a ugly person in the first place to give in and follow their commands to help manipulate another person mentally.   Likewise what I noticed on

Tamar Big Brother- again i’m not a fan but youtube is really good at showing you these shows.  Perfect setting for the classic gang stalking tactics, She even mention how one of the other people was bullying her.  I knew this to true a TI knows when someone is targeting them even if no one else can see it.  The program they have us in is designed that way.  Tamar did win, despite all the crossing and manipulation.  She could have won for several reasons because she was going through something in her personal life.  Sometimes this technology shows their followers favor, i’m not saying shes one im saying if they show you favor look out they are about to cross you big time.  At Least this is what I’ve noticed thus far from perps who I can obviously see are following them and they get shitted on big time later.  DO NOT FOLLOW THEM OR THEIR COMMANDS.

Tamar Suicide attempt- now this when I said OMG they dune tried to push this girl to suicide.  Yes I said it just like that.  Then I started thinking about all the things that I watched over the years knowing I knew exactly what they are doing to her.  Her music videos, show after show, getting fired.  As soon as I heard I knew what happen all they had to do is manipulate David to find her.  If he wasn’t their, they’ll make him get their. If he was busy, they’ll turn his head left like turning him in a zombie, leading and guiding him, and or walking him.  They will put the imagery in your head to point it out.   I know what they could do to save a person and I know how they could make everyone disappear so no one wont find you in time.  They didn’t want her to die.  Once you see see it you know what they are capable of.  Now when I saw

Tamar on Tameron Show 24:24 Tamaron Hall begins to move her hands around (1) and Tamar head jerks looking back at nothing (2).  Or maybe she heard something back stage.  However that’s not the case, because what happen after that they continue to left and right her in systematic timing.  1, 2, 3, step  They will move your head for you and your eyes.  Then they started talking about mophoring of all subjects really.   again 1, 2, 3, step Check it out.  Does Tamaron Hall know how to left and right people or was the government technology moving her to look like she knew how to left and right Tamar.

Tamar done with reality– or not, either way learning about being a TI will help you get a grip on the technology and handle these perps(animals) then you will be able to tackle anything.  Besides we do need more black shows and sitcoms.  Venture into scripted roles,  she can put all that spunk into a great black movie.  However she should be careful of those roles as well after reading the script.  Its ok to pass on a role especially if a person see its going to be manipulating them.  Lets face it I see it everyday that technology is messing with scripted roles and who plays them because that person is a follower.  If a TI feels any kind of way pass on it.  God will bless you with another opportunity.  Just remember nothing is off limits.

Tamar being violated as a child– remember technology talks and commands followers to do things for them, then they reward the fools.  All technology had to do is RNM you and tell your thoughts to another person.  A total invasion of privacy.  It is ethically and morally wrong.

Tamar On Get Your Life– I Wish I knew who in the hell suggested the dream world and for Tamar to analyze her dreams, every TI knows that the government technology induces your dreams and manipulates your head when you sleep.  This is their best time to target you.  They in your head toying around with your dreams every night.  Putting false dreams and running a systematic timing skit in your head at the same time.  This was the Biggest mistake ever for TIs.

The Braxton sisters on talk shows with Claudia Jordan on the show I noticed Traci had barely much to say when Claudia touched on the subject of Tamar.  This is not the full show, so the show was not entirely about Tamar but it did touch on the subject.   Which was a good idea because you damn if you do and you damn if you don’t.  Besides that Traci Braxton is a TI as well and this is why you see TI Tamar and TI Traci battling all the time.  How is Traci a TI, look at her, look at her eyes.  The other two sisters’ eyes are ok somewhat. It doesn’t mean that v2k is not yapping in the background as the other sisters speak but it does mean they are not being heavily manipulated.  In addition it could mean they have programmed them already passed that point.  Gov technology programming thinks in order to successfully target a TI they have to pull in others to target that TI while the gov is manipulating their head.  You have to get a hold of this mentally otherwise they will go on and on until it is some type of strife and conflict that comes out of it.  It’s ok to say I don’t feel well, and people who respect you will give that person their space.  Regardless if they understand the reasoning about whatever is going on.  This is the first step that should be taken to avoid conflict especially if a TI see the technology is in manipulation mode.  The gov knows all too well that when a targeted individual is being tortured they most likely will not speak up, they play that to their advantage.  Because they design the remote torturing to make it appear that that person is crazy when they speak out which is furthest from the truth.   One thing I have to disagree with is the fact that the sisters keep saying her truth.  In the three interviews I did see.  The wording in it seems almost like Tamar needs to tell her truth, but we don’t see it that way.  In reality each person does view things differently than another, no two people think exactly the same and if they do its manipulation.

Finally Tamar & David.  When being a targeted individual remember I said they pick the closest people to you to target you.  Gradually Tamar had to see shifts and changes in regards to David.  The government dont hold back when they play mind games with families as a whole.  They will play one against the other and create situations inside the home that are very unnecessary.  So slowly while they are attacking you believe me they are attacking David and young Logan each and everyday.

 Private toni is just that, and much respect to her for being that way it is hell when perps are gunning for you instead of minding their own business.  Again I am not for or against The Braxton Family I am sharing my opinion and as always hopes it helps someone.

 Finally Tamar needs to calm down in her speaking, slow down, think before you speak, and be mindful of the manipulation as you respond when communicating with people.  I know it will push talk out your mouth, you have to be real strong to fight that, and I find that if you speak up and out as it is happening.  They will back off because they don’t want you to tell what they are doing to you or what you see they are doing to other people.  Remember systematic time and time lapse.

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