Targeted Individuals Fight Back

Targeted Individual Fighting Back With The Truth

Fighting gang stalkers back with the truth is what I’ve done for a long time, since I was slandered and set up in 2009. I decided to fax the facts and truth out and then decided to email them to outweigh the devil on the internet is the phrase I say and I’ve done it every day since 2009 by many email addresses as they lie. Telling the truth and facts about who you are I believe helps stop the Gang Stalkers. I decided in 2010 to send my email like crazy and still do it. I bought three small laps in 2010 and set up many email addresses then and emailed away non stop to outweigh them on the internet. I thought I would mention this so other Targeted Indiviuals could do this to help stop the slandering and framing.

Slander and character assassination in organized stalking. A slander campaign often precedes the targeting of an individual family. This is what is written on this post I found and they are words I can relate to as we were stalked by many cars in summer of 2008 and one day in our community where I had a spotless great reputation as a Real Estate agent and a family person suddenly people treated me differntly, I’ll never forget how they started acting funny towards me and I thought what is going on? This was in 2009 right about the time I was set up to DCFS. I wondered what lies were people telling about me? why did they not seem so friendly and it felt very strange all the sudden. This post explains that slandering goes on before the targeting of an individual family and that’s how it seemed. I also have called it stalking, victimizing, hate crimes, leading to identity theft. Who would do this ? I feel I was lied about and people were turned against me in our community. Also, people I knew showed up everywhere I went and were they stalking ? or was it a coincidence ? as it continued on for years even after I moved twenty miles away from there where I was a Realtor. Before this all happened I was a very serene person and felt so happy inside. I spent my days driving my two daughters around to School and activitys and I sold homes when they were busy and I drove to see my mom. I woke up and read a meditation book with wind chimes, drinking coffee, relaxed watching ducks fly to the lake near us and all felt wonderful and it was in our home, all in harmony life was with my two daughters and I and suddenly it stopped like silence outside with people acting funny and I wondered who lied about me? why do people act different to me? My cat slept on my back and purred me to sleep and another against me and our cats went missing the week stalkers had been there and that peaceful life with my cats comforting me was over. There was no drama going on in our house either as I avoid drama like the plague, I made sure to not gossip, or medal or step on toes and my daughters and I got along and they depended on me for everything such as my opinion and text me all the time with questions and still to this day we always text each other. Now they are grown ups with their own children and we lost years in our family home together as the life I planned there for us and my elderly mom was to live there as a happy family as my mom was going to move in that summer and I planned to have a family dinner together. I love cooking and I often made a sit down dinner and my daughters and I enjoyed it with flowers on the table in a flower arrangement they made and china sometimes and my life was a home life, to have a family life, to cook and decorate and garden. I love antiques also and being a home owner is what I was from 1987 on and I said I would never rent again as being home is what I love, not a fancy car or alot of vacations and so on but a family home for holidays and birthdays etc. That was my top priority paying a mortgage and I decided years before the devil took us down and ran us out of town. I wanted a one story spanish style house for years before I bought our house and last house I said, last mortgage to be approved for, I am never moving again, I planned to live there the rest of my life and I planned for my elderly mom to live there the rest of her life and shes lost a decade of that family home life she planned on having. I thought my daughters would live there up to their 20s and so on. What I always said to myself is ” I dread the thought of being an empty nester” I bought a house that had large bedrooms for them so they would not move. I bought the house with my money in 2005 so my mom could live there instead of an elder care in her old age. All I planned for did not take place as I thought we will watch a flat screen T V and eat dinner together and enjoy each others company. Then suddenly I am so scared to death because of stalking that I cannot work as much in Real Estate. The stalkers effected my income right away in the summer of 2008 and I thought I don’t have any enemys so who is doing this? Probably a Real Estate agent I thought who is after my business. Also, my realtor listing portfolio was stolen from my suv Highlander in 2006 May 9th reported on May 10th. Real Estate Portfolio is the other reason why I thought it might be a realtor stalking and now I have read on gang stalking sites the gang stalkers are work associates, people you know, the neighborhood watch commitee, family, so called friends and everybody. But there was no reason for anybody to stalk as again I had no enemys, I did nothing wrong, I am sober in AA for so long. No wild parties, nothing going on. So I outweigh slandering with the truth as I was slandered to DCFS in 2009 and by the way people act to me I can tell I am lied about as they treat me differently since the Gang Stalking. The point I am making is ” I am a targeted individual fighting back with the truth” for survival. In 2009 I faxed the facts of being set up to magazines and everywhere to try to get the story published, a nice mom was lied about to DCFS. I was writing a book called ” The Selfless Single Mom” I have great parenting skills. I went to ACA in 1988 where you learn to parent yourself, love yourself and to not blame or shame people. I raised my kids this way, to not lay guilt trips, to be postive for their self esteem and I was writing a book about parenting this way, raising your kids to be free spirits, to feel good about themselves and that is the way I raised them and it shows by who they are today. This was my importance in life so for DCFS to come to our house was shocking, I thought the whole town would be in an uproar and not a sound from anyone there, no one came rushing over to my aid, I could not believe it. I thought they would have a rally and raise money and picket or something. That’s really how I felt, I did have some old friends come to help me out but not in that city with a silent wall so quiet it could crack. It was very errie as if the whole town turned into stepfordville as if they were talking about me but not saying anything. You would think they would have said ” I can’t believe that happened to you of all people” or ” so and so called me” or ” I heard this and that” but no people just showed up on my porch, so called old friends, work customers and they did not have a shoulder to cry on. Some made trouble and it’s the silent wall of being a Gang Stalked Targeted Indiviual that’s awful. I believe they do this on pupose as they pit the world against you and want the Targeted Indiviuals to crack up. That’s their motive operandi from what I have experienced and read as they hack and block communication, at least my psychic readings say they are hacking and my aol information was changed in my aol account my alternate email and date of birth was changed and thats proof of hacking. Also, we had a power surge at our house in around 2008 and the computers went out and that is probably them also and the lack of mail, no mail no matter how many victims letters I have written since 2009, Not one letter reponse I have I received that says I am sorry about the stalking or anything. I have sent resumes’ since 2010 like mad for channel writing jobs and psychic readings and book deals letters and not one reponse, not a rejection letter even. That is the wall of silence of being a gang stalked targeted individual. The piercing silence of no communication, you wish someone would call you and say ” Guess what I heard? ” about your mail or something. No mail, no phone calls, no email responses from publishers and so on. Why ? I D Theft. Probably the gang stalkers are taking what is mine, what is sent for my work because I have sent information out for almost 12 years, emailed since 2010 and probably sent five zillion emails, that’s my estimate. But why do I do it? to outweigh the silent devil who lies, to send out the truth is fighting back for a Targeted Indiviual, as a person who did nothing wrong, who did not deserve this to happen. I just minded my own business and took care of my daughters and sold homes. There was nothing to tell about Nancy Fox. I believe they made alot of things up to set up hate crimes against me as black cloud of doom fell upon us when the stalkers swarmed and I was so scared I could not work as usual, I was afraid for my elderly mom to move in with us in 2009. I was Praying it would all stop so it would feel safe for her to move in with us, as I thought what would happen if shes here and there are stalkers ? they probably stole our cats and that means a satanic ring. Anyone who would steal family pets is cruel.  So it really did ruin our happy family home plans we had for the future.

“Family, friends, and co-workers are contacted and told the T I or target is under criminal investigation or mentally unstable and therfore dangerous” is what this post says.

Again. this makes sense to me as I felt people lied about how I bought my one story house. I felt they thought it was my moms money or something like this and no I bought the one story house with my own money. I sold a two story home I owned in 2005 I planned this out for years, I got a swing loan against my two story house to buy my one story house and I bought it with my own money. I bought it for my elderly mom to live with us in the one story house instead of her living in an elder care and planned to never move. It’s nobodys business at all either and people had an attitude about it to me. I noticed the way they acted to me about the house and that is why I think people could have lied about it. Then I was asked ” is your house under survellence? and I said ” I would never be under survellence, I am sober in AA since 1985″. So thinking about this I thought I wonder if someone lied I bought the house with my moms money and if they are lying that’s family trust money or something like that? did they lie they needed to investigate me for money? when there would never be a reason at all since I am over honest and sober in AA and don’t lie cheat or steal. That’s my hunch, I think people might have made something up for an excuse to Gang Stalk as I owned the two story home alone since 2000 Jan when I was legally seperated, he signed off community property on the house title and I paid the mortgage myself so I did not owe him any money. I listed the two story and got a swing loan against it to buy the one story house for my elderly mom to live with us. She saw the one story house and loved it and planned to live there in the future, when she had to move, She wanted to go on the house with me as it saved me money with her assets but my money bought the house. We got a joint account at Downey Savings for the purpose of buying the house. My money from the two story went into the bank account and to escrow for the one story house. Anyone could have called and asked me and said ” hey Nancy how did you buy your house? was that your money? what are your plans for the house? ” and so on. I could have explained it in five minutes. But by the way people acted, their attitude and comments I feel they made some ass-umptions, assumed things and imagined how I bought it and made up stories, that’s my insight to hate crimes done for no reason at all as I bought it with my own money, planned it out and my mom was going to live there instead of paying one hundred thousand a year for an elder care. I was going to take care of her myself the rest of her life and get a full time maid with money by leasing her house out. She would have made five hundred thousand dollars in the past ten years with my real estate plan for her house, all ruined underhandily and sneakily, everything we had planned. Also, I think people lied that was family trust money and there is no family trust. Number one it was my money. Number two my mom does not have a family trust. she has a sole indiviual living trust of hers alone. There is no family trust. I feel this lie could have been told by the way people acted towards me. Also, I saw a lock smith truck parked across the street from our one story house in around 2008 or 2009 and that may have been a gang stalker making keys to our house. Also, a birch tree was cut down on our property and things went missing from the yard. Robbed, vandalized, ripped off, cat napped, slandered, stalked, set up to DCFS to be a not needed Government Agency Case File. Targeted Indiviual sites say that is for Gang Stalking. I feel its to take a persons money and identity and everything from them.

As this post says “Family, friends, and co-workers are contacted and told the T I or target is under criminal investigation or mentally unstable and therfore dangerous”

I think they lied there is a criminal investigation because of the house she bought with family trust money, some lie like this maybe was told about an over honest person who bought it with their own money. This says mentally unstable and therefore dangerous. I was set up by lies in 2009, someone lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life, someone lied I needed to take my medication and I took none, needed none had none, no prescripition. A lie. Anonymous callers lied my dreams while I was asleep were dillusions. This is all a set up to make me look mentally unstable which I am not. I am a very grounded person who is very normal. I work a spiritual 12 Step Program since I was 25 years old therefore I am a confident person and due to the victimizing, stalking and lying and detaining my daughters custody based on lies that were dimissed in court in 2009 all of this led to a normal grounded level headed person who is spiritual having a psych eval and I was ruled
NOT Gravely disabled, NOT probable cause this person has a mental disorder, NOT a danger to herself or others. But I feel all the lies and so on were done to lie shes not competant to be POA for her elderly mom on her bank account and not able to be First Trustee for her in her Living sole individual trust which is NOT a family trust its only hers. Her will living trust went missing, her bank account closed that I was POA on. Targeted Indiviuals are gang stalked, slandered and set up for the liars to lie shes not capable of handling her own money and mail etc. I believe they tell these lies about all Targeted Indiviuals. I think the Gang Stalkers have their names on bank accounts of money they stole from the Targeted Indiviuals as I have called it many times in letters, Stalking, Victimizing, leading to Identity Theft that’s what Gang Stalking is , stealing your money , mail , your pets, slandering a normal balanced person to rob them blind that’s what I feel. So this post says it all and I have experienced it. They take you down to the ground to rob you blind to rob your identity and make you broke and stuck so fighting back with the truth is how I fight back. I give many facts so it can outweigh lies as also I was framed under the wrong name in court, I was called Nancy Taylor and I did not go by that name. When I was married I went by a hypenated last name Nancy G. Fox-Taylor then I restored my maiden name in Oct 2005. My name is Nancy Gail Fox, that is my birth name. I go by Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor. I had trouble changing it from my last name Fox-Taylor to Fox at banks and the passport office and so on and since have. I think the gang stalkers could lie my name is Nancy Taylor as again I was slandered under that name. My psychic readings say they frame people under many names, they do fake reports and set targeted indiviuals up for crimes they did not commit under fake names and they gang stalk with alot of papers and fake profiles. I fake profile I felt just by the way people suddenly treated me and acted so funny.

This post says ” falsified documents are then presented to back these claims ” and I there were incorrect DCFS papers full of mistakes. I never received the papers with mistakes either that outright lied about me, I saw them three weeks after the DCFS case was closed in Court in 2010 on July 10th. The incorrect papers lied the mom did not provide her psych eval from 2009 and I did provide the Court Hearing that ruled me ” A concerned citizen for reporting crime tips” Not gravely disabled, not probable cause this person has a mental disorder, not a danger to herself or others. Released, Court ruling on record. The wrong DCFS report with mistakes would be a falsified document.

It says ” This is designed to leave the T I with no support system making them more vulnerable to attack by perpetrators. The end goal is to see the T I institutionalized, destitute, or dead.

They tried to set me up by lying dreams are dillusions and luckily their lies were dimissed without prejudice and I was ruled Normal at my  psych eval destitute I have been by financial victimization and dead I have almost been. Too many near death experiences as a Targeted Indivual still fighting back with the truth on the internet to outweigh them. I pray the wall of silence is broken around all the Targeted Indiviuals as I think having the Gang Stalking public will stop it all. To say it outloud, to prove what they do, to see it is not just or legal. That what they do is criminal activity, it’s a two or more lied conspiracy framing targeted indiviuals, gang stalkers sitting around conspiring and stealing and framing innocent people. The Authority’s need to know to focus on them not the people who are targeted as we are the victims and fighting back with the truth on the internet is my weapon.