Targeted Individual Support Groups – How to Get Started

One of the central goals of the targeting program is to isolate the target. They want the target to suffer in silence. With few exceptions, targeted individuals end up losing the support (and contact) of family and friends who refuse to believe the symptoms and experiences the targeted individual reports to them.

There are several ways a targeted individual can find support, however. There are Facebook groups, sub-Reddits, message boards, podcasts, and websites devoted to helping T.I.’s interact and communicate. I would recommend Facebook groups as a place to start because group members typically post links to additional resources. You will often discover new websites and Youtube channels this way.

More importantly, joining a targeted individual support group can help you locate other targeted individuals near you who might want to help you form a local support group that meets in person.

Sometimes this is easier said than done given the cautious nature of the average targeted individual. I’ve seen successful support groups formed using sites like Meet Up. This allows a degree of control and anonymity for hesitant T.I.’s who want to see consistent meetings scheduled, attended, and reported on before they feel confident the support meetings are worth the risk of meeting offline.

Another option to consider is to start a targeted individual support group that meets via conference call is where many T.I. support groups get started.

One of the benefits of conference calls is the ability to record them. This allows people to revisit the support group topics as well as catch up if they were unable to attend the live call.

Choose an avenue and start building your targeted individual support group today. You have nothing to lose but the burden of fighting alone!