The Electronic Harrasment Volt

I was electric volted in my boots April 6th,2013 as I was looking at a statue of Johnny Carson in The Motion Picture Art’s and Science statue park in Noho, California. I felt a volt in my boots as I stood there, my eyes probably rolled back in my head and I thought I was going to faint. Then I felt okay and sat down on some steps for a few minutes, I went to Wallgreens and bought Asprin as I know Asprin can help to stop a heart attack as I felt the volt in my body. I went home and drank juice which made me throw up and I threw up the volt ! That is good information for a targeted individual to know who’s gang stalked by electronic harrasment is that you might be able to throw up a volt. I did another time also. So many times I almost died, so many near death experiences that only other targeted indiviuals would understand, only those who’ve experienced it could know how it is. I told the Motion Picture Academy by an email and then a phone call about what happened and what was the answer of course ” That could never happen” well, I don’t lie and if I say it happened then it did. This happens alot since the gang stalking started with many cars swarming around our house in 2008 summer is people don’t believe what I tell them and I am an honest person. For example the coffee one day in 2009 tasted like gasoline and people said that’s crazy, well yes it is crazy but if I say it tasted that way then it did. People instead of saying Oh my God I can’t believe that happened I am so worried etc. they act like something could not have happened. They don’t think Oh My God someones trying to murder you in the coffee and now electric volted you. So, I don’t tell many people these things in person as I don’t want to waste my energy trying to convince them instead I just write it and send it out to the world to read it so someone nice could prove this. I know my own reality and I know what has happened and that’s a fact and I don’t need or want any flack, I cannot be bothered with it as it’s hard enough trying to get through each day and live with money stolen, I D theft, working my tail off and being Gang Stalked. Also, I am a psychic and that’s a fact and I have been psychic since I was a child, I had exact premonission dreams then of things that happened as exactly as I dreamt and I did the Ouija Board perfectly alone at age 10 and picked it up again in 2005 as an Angel Board spelling words sentences for spirits and if people work against my being psychic well then I just don’t talk to them, I don’t waste energy working against people. I know I am psychic and that’s a fact and I am accurate I know that and it’s important for people to know I am an accurate psychic so they will listen to my psychic crime tips as I have written many psychic crime tips started spelling them out in 2008 summer when we were gang stalked by a bunch of preditors zooming around and parking on our street and many of my psychic crime tips are the same as what the Targeted Individuals Gang Stalker sites say. I have reported to stop sex slavery internationally since early 2009 and that’s turned into stop Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals as guess what? It’s the same thing. Targeted Individuals are Gang Stalked by Electronic Harrasment, swarming cars, I D theft, framed to a Government Agency for sex slavery. The Gang Stalkers are serial killers who do electronic harrasment, their goal is to kill the person they do this to on the spot or I say by medical kidnap or hand cuffs. My story adds up to just what this Electronic Harrasment Gang Stalker photo post says as I was set up to a Government Agency in 2009 spring an innocent normal person and I thought at the time a sex ring might have lied about me anonymously to Department of Child Family Protective Services, I thought that rapists could be after my two daughters. I said outloud to myself ” Oh my God, I bet they human sex traffick by lying about a nice mom to DCFS to adopt their kids so no one will know their missing by taking them through the Government System” and that is really what I thought and said to myself as who else would lie about a nice mom like me as callers lied anonymously and I was set up to the Department of Child Family Protective Services by lies in spring 2009. First, the stalkers in 2008 summer swarmed around and I thought they might be kidnappers or rapists after my two daughters. I am a rape victim also and I always say ” I have rapist radar”. I was always more careful and over protective than most moms as I know things can happen as it happened to me as I am a rape victim from age 17. So, when we were stalked I was very worried about my daughters and started in on my Angel Board doing my psychic detective crime tip readings and it spelled ” A two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy take people to sex slavery by lying”. Then I was lied about in 2009 and thought oh my God it’s a sex slavery ring lying. First, in early 2009 someone lied I was sucidal and I have never been sucidal, this was the day after the coffee tasted like gasoline then DCFS came a knockin. That was the set up. Anonymous callers called dreams while I was sleeping dillusions, DCFS said she dreamed about a 9 1 1. They are the 9 1 1 I dreamt of, them coming to the door is a 9 1 1. So that dream was an accurate psychic 9 1 1 dream warning me. Who ever heard of opening a DCFS case file based on someones dreams when their asleep? and that’s what happened, the best they could come up with as there is nothing to get on me ! as I do nothing wrong. I am sober in AA so long is why. I work a 12 step spritual program based on honesty since Feb 9th,1985 so the best they could come up with to frame me is what I dreamed. What a joke. Someone lied I was not taking my medication and took none, needed none, no prescription. Another total lie like dreams while I’m sleeping are dillusions no those are called Dreams. Also, a pizza man came to door with a pizza that I did not order and I refused to sign for it, said no thank you, shut the door. I did not not order a pizza. He went and put it through my daughters window after I told him no thanks ! so I threw it away. DCFS said she threw a pizza away. That’s not child endangering. That’s called being an over protective careful mom. Rather be safe than sorry I told them. What does it matter? That’s not harming your kids. So the whole DCFS case file was ridiculous a bunch of nonsense and I was set up to DCFS so very obviously. A scared to death mom thinking who is doing this to me? So I was set up to a Government Agency. Then I continued on with my stop sex slavery psychic readings for crime tips in 2009 and so many of them say exactly what the gang stalker sites say. I discovered this and match up the tips and many are the same, such as for years by psychic reading information says Government Agents do remotes and that is basically what this post states. Also, my readings say stalkers say they are monitors and gang stalker sites say ” Remote Nuetral Monitoring”. So I was electric volted in my boots April 6,2013 in Noho and about a week later I saw yellow tape and cones around the Johnny Carson statue right where I was electric volted. My psychic readings have said for years that they take people to sex slavery by medical kidnaps so I never get medical attention due to that and that’s my progative.

I set up my business ” Medium For God” DBA April 4,2013 in Noho, California and interesting enough I was electric volted in my boots two days later as I believe the gang stalkers are stealing alot of my money and they wanted me gone to rob my ” Medium For God DBA” business money as I had just opened up a ” Medium For God DBA” P O Box in North Hollywood on Magnolia Blvd by my business registration that says April 4th,2013 registered to me as an ” Indiviual” and my PO Box was always empty there, I also opened a PayPal account by my ” Medium For God DBA” Business registration and a group lied to aol and said that my PayPal email address was their group email. I am sure this is all related, the liar group, the electric volt, the empty “Medium For God DBA” P O Box and at this time in 2013 my younger daughter was 18 an adult age so there would be no reason for any Government Agency to be around. The DCFS case was closed in 2009 July 10th in court. My older daughter was 18 in 2009 Dimiss from case. In 2009 I started writing many letters explaining facts for money to protect us because we were stalked. I asked for DCFS Victims money for the Fox-Taylor Family and none has ever come. I started asking for stop sex slavery, stop traffick money in 2010 and I started my wordpress posting in 2012 Sept. I emailed the posts out and letters for stop sex slavery stop traffick money, I set connected my emails in my PayPal account and expected alot of PayPal to come. I ask for money to stop crimes by my psychic crime tips, office money and so on. My P O Box in Sherman Oaks I had in 2012 was empty also. I sent in my “Medium For God DBA” Business registration from Sherman Oaks in Nov. 2012 then registered it in Los Angeles County April 4th,2013 to me as an indiviual person. By the group lying to aol right when lots of PayPal should have been sent I feel it’s related to the Gang Stalking but I keep on working despite identity theft and I feel they tried to kill me by the electric shock in my boots that day, two days after the business registration was recorded in L.A.

Every day I fight for Justice and Pray that Gang Stalkers are stopped. It’s illegal for criminals to be in society, they just sit around and try to murder everybody on their hit list by pressing remotes, levers as Gang Stalker sites say and my psychic readings say and I have been electric volted and know it as I experienced it. The victimizing started in 2005, I bought a one story house with my own money for my elderly mother to live with us then the mail box in front of our house was broken off the post onto the ground. Then it was broken again during Easter Vacation in 2006. My car was broken into May 9th, 2006 and my daughters ballet bag was stolen and my Realtor Portfolio was stolen. When we were stalked by cars in 2008 I thought it might be high roller Realtor, Mortgage Broker types after my Realtor Buisness. Much of the Gang Stalker information says the Gang Stalkers are persons you work with, old friends, relatives, neighbors etc. I bet whoever stalked our house in 2008 summer is the group of people who lied to aol and told them my PayPal email address is their group email. Why else would a group lie to aol about my PayPal email? it would only be to steal my PayPal money that’s to stop sex slavery, stop human sex trafficking and Fox-Taylor Family Victims money to protect us because of the stalking. In 2007 my mothers diamond rings were stolen from her house and then her will living trust was taken from her house in Sherman Oaks CA right when I was set up to DCFS. The account I was POA for my mom was closed and I was very victimized and set up and made broke and stuck and had a ten year real estate business. The other night I dreamed about a check and it had a picture of a house and boats on it and said in the corner Denise S. Fox Group Trust Account. A psychic dream that’s right, probably as I think this group is stealing my mail money and PayPal money and depositing it into my moms account and lying its their Group Trust Account. That’s what it adds up to by what has gone on. My mother is 96 years old and she was diagnoised with memory loss in Aug 2008 a year before I was set up to DCFS and her will living trust that I am First Trustee of was taken from her house and bank account I was POA was closed. My mothers living trust is not a group trust, a living trust means your account is only for your money and as long as your living its your money and no one elses money. My mothers money is only to be in her bank accounts and that’s willed to her three children, then its a family trust, when she dies and not before then. All the shady stuff that went on with her will, diamond rings, and bank account I was POA since 1978 being closed makes me think the group if putting my money in her bank accounts. I feel that’s one reason I was set up in 2009 to rob money and my identity. Also, our mail box was stalked in summer 2008 and our cat’s went missing around Labor Day 2008. I think the Gang Stalkers stole our cats. My psychic readings say they take pets a few months before they set people up and that they always take pets. I say the reason they steal pets, money, mail by stalking mail boxes etc, and identity is so the targeted individuals disappear with nothing, without a trace. So I make myself and my family known on the internet as I feel it’s safer if everyone sees you, knows who you are then it’s safer in my opinion. I have done this for over a decade, posting stories and photos, faxing proof everywhere I did for years. My goal is to shut down all Child Protective Services Offices and open Child Protective Centers instead such as a temporary Orphanage so there could be a roll call, head count, so everyone could see the children there and say there they are as the criminals are doing illegal activity in the Government System and it started out as my psychic readings saying its sex slavery, its gang stalking targeted indiviuals to capture them by the Government System.

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