The newest Dutch Bankruptcy Work provides for a procedure to respond to like a dispute (Post 122)

The newest Dutch Bankruptcy Work provides for a procedure to respond to like a dispute (Post 122)

2.step 1 States up against the property

In the event the a creditor argues he’s a beneficial pre-insolvency allege resistant to the debtor, (s)they have to submit that claim toward insolvency practitioner having confirmation to be qualified to receive payments regarding continues. The insolvency professional provisionally recognizes that claim in the event that (s)he doesn’t always have objections to your lives or amount of which claim. When the upcoming few other collector conflicts (the amount of) the allege, the fresh verification meeting set new validity of your own recorded allege, which means creditor concerned commonly show regarding the continues. 25 25 Dependent on both the ranking of the claim because well because the whether or not the home is sufficient to satisfy the claim under consideration. New insolvency professional usually conflict the newest recorded allege when the (s)he has any inquiries about your lifestyle of one’s quantity of that claim, that could give rise to a conflict toward collector. 26 26 Brand new verification techniques are applied off into the Post 110 et seq., DBA.

Pursuant to this apparatus, the brand new supervisory court needs to make the effort (at confirmation meeting) to reach a settlement between the disputants. When your disagreement over the claim from the house can not be resolved of the a settlement, the latest supervisory court will then send brand new argument so you’re able to judge legal proceeding before court. twenty-seven twenty seven This is referred to as a beneficial “renvooiprocedure” (allege validation continuing). In view of the concept of mediation established in so it sum, it could be argued your supervisory courtroom might have been tasked having a job including a great “light” brand of mediation. twenty-eight 28 Rutger Schimmelpenninck, “De rol van de- rechter c.q. rechter-commissaris,” from inside the Sebastian Kortmann and you may Teun Struycken (eds), Herijking van het faillissementsrecht (Kluwer, 1999), 96: “Ook blijkt dat de wetgever aan een bemiddelende rol van de R-C heeft gedacht.” I consider which routine just like the a white style of mediation, as its application is restricted to the fresh new confirmation appointment.

2.dos Says of the estate

The brand new part of one’s supervisory court regarding issues to says of house facing businesses is quite minimal, given that (s)they have simply to aim for authorizing the fresh insolvency practitioner so you can initiate legal proceedings on behalf of the fresh property. 30 29 Article 68(3), DBA. Instance, disputes amongst the insolvency specialist as well as the borrower may rotate as much as liability. New interviewees provided some samples of conflicts where in fact the (panel out of) directors from an enthusiastic insolvent limited liability company took place in person accountable because of the insolvency professional.

The newest insolvency professional features a selection of legislative angles at the their otherwise this lady fingertips to hold the brand new panel from administrators – otherwise one manager – out of a buddies jointly and you can severally liable. The fresh insolvency practitioner can get, inter alia, hold the manager(s) accountable with the business to own improper government on the basis of Article 2:nine of your own Dutch Municipal Password (“DCC”) 30 30 Pursuant to that provision, the latest movie director is likely for problems suffered of the organization since out of improper administration. or, significantly less than Blogs dos: of DCC, 30 29 Post dos:138, DCC is just applicable with the personal limited liability providers. Article 2:248, DCC ‘s the comparable toward personal limited liability providers. Pursuant to those terms, brand new administrators are accountable for the degree of which the bills out-of a buddies is higher than the latest assets immediately after liquidation. (s)he can secure the manager(s) liable to your insolvency house on improper efficiency from employment, if it’s probable the poor efficiency out of employment is an important cause of brand new insolvency. 32 thirty-two There are even most other grounds about what new insolvency specialist can get keep a director directly liable. For additional learning for the directors’ accountability in the Netherlands, pick for example, H. De Groot, Bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid. Recht dentro de Praktijk nr. ONR2 (Wolters Kluwer, 2011).

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