The Power Of a Power Of Attorney

Targeted individuals never had I imagine that I would have needed to use the power of attorney my husband signed giving me rights to handle his affairs.  One thing that I did differently was put in a special notation about civil rights and human rights and I made sure I added those rights be protected in the United States, Dominican Republic and Haiti to cover all bases.  When my husband and I talked about living and dying we always thought I would go first because I am older than he was so we thought naturally I would go first.  Never would I have thought the government would have ended his life.  We never know when that time will come because everyday each of us targeted individuals are slowly dying as long as this technology is hooked up to us.  In fact who knows when they will decide to pull the plug on us once we are no long of use to them and the research or what ever the hell they are doing and the reasons why.  Going into this next year I want all TIs to setup a power of attorney, and a will and in these documents make sure you state that you are a targeted individual and what your wishes are.  Not only leave this to whom you decide to carry out your wishes but also to a TI buddy.  Why choose a TI buddy that TI buddy should be that one person who understands your TI status, especially if you have people who you wish to leave in your will or power of attorney who don’t believe or understand that you are a TI and what our government is actually putting you through.   Your TI buddy should be that person who will continue to fight for your rights long after you are gone and make sure that justice is served.  TI buddies your mission will always be what we are currently doing today which is fight for our freedom from covert harassment and no touch torture.  Your TI buddy should have your request as well as the request of the person that made you their TI buddy and so on.  In bringing in the new year and not knowing what will happen to each and everyone of us this is a must.  This will and POA can be present in a court of law and an honorable judge should honor the request of the TI.  In addition leave your package of evidence to your TI buddy, In your will, and your POA.  This crime against humanity should not go unpunished.

In the memory of my husband on his 1 year death, All TIs take a stand and secure your life after death.

My husband woke up in the middle of the night/morning from sleeping and said he dont feel so well.  And died.  Just like that   Us targeted individuals know what tremor this technology put us through while we are trying to sleep and how they jerk us around so.  I fully believe my husband was murdered by the United States government leaving behind a wife and four children, a mother, brother’s and sister.  None of which knew he was a targeted individual but me which is a sad way to go.  I made it my mission to fully educate his family and friends about what was done to him and I know they are aware and on guard since the government likes to use people around you to target a target.   Before my husband died this is what his eyes looked like

This is the same bird thats always in the sky everywhere I go, likewise it was in the sky at my husbands location everywhere he goes, and Im sure it is hovering over my kids until I can get back to them after my mission is complete.  And trust me it aint their for protection.

Here is a screen shot I have while talking to my husband on whatsapp when he was in Dominican Republic and I was in Washington DC at the time.

May he rest in peace 12/26/2019

Our U S law states if someones targeting leads to death this is a punishable crime.

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