This Involves The Combination Of V2k And The Various uses Of Frequency Manipulation.

This is literally what is going on right now. Groups like “Schumann Resonance” as well as various “Arcturian and Pleiadian Starseeds” groups on fb are ALL suffering from the symptom of the same mass manipulations right now. One I love is under the same influence. They are also using VRCHAT for hypnosis. The exchange of data of obviously visual and audio information is what the new game is. I know that the VRCHAT game “DISCORD” is having servers dedicated to this specifically. One group is apparently in on this. Though it is unconfirmed about how many. One person known as Robert Carbone is confirmed as having used this hypnosis and said software to hypnotize and manipulate people as young as 5 years old.   He is also using in conjuction with the information in the initial link at the top. He himself is located in the southeast region of the United States in Smithville Tennessee. address is 1690 New Road. These various frequencies should be traceable to a point. Using current equipment he may or may not be using an old phone number 931 -273-4297 in conjuction with something else to send the frequency using his phones carrier signal and antenna. I strongly advise those of us with further knowledge of this to share this information with any and all who can stop this signal abuse and this young mans abuse of people. There are many things to be looked at in this particular case. This also displays the use of very similar methods of targeting with what is already available. Robert Carbone is only one of many people doing this. I strongly advise you to look further into every topic I have brought to your attention. Some of these folks in the FB groups have kids who are also getting these voices and symptoms. It IS the same thing. I KNOW some of these people. DO NOT misunderstand, these folks are allllll seeing the same imagery. It is obviously the use of VR/AR tech in conjuction with this. VERY similar technology.  Voices that are already familiar to people will give the impression that they can “hear” other peoples thoughts and so that it must be that person. In fact the only thing you hear is a variant on YOUR own vocabulary. More to come, but PLEASE take note of this information. Frequency is a big deal in the topic, but remember, this is happening to them. They are being led to believe they are having “visions” . They are being isolated into groups. It is NOT being handled EXACTLY the same as far as content sent to them, but it is the same tech and same symptoms. Manipulation. Lives have been lost within recent time, suicides, killings and the destruction of lives and love. It is still continuing, they are all constantly being led to the same concept of “something big is coming”…. From manys point of view it will be obvious and simple, but with what has been happening to many many people already, they know how this happens. Please do your best to understand this is NOT their fault. Many of them start to get told to not speak to others that do not “understand” or “arent ready”.. The people in charge of the larger numbered groups are potentially aware of what is happening… Though that is to be determined. The Coincidental “scenario campaigns” these folks are experiencing are all tiered to “religion, aliens, spirituality, politics” . Once it effects an individual, it spreads to those in their immediate circles. Please understand again, that these scenarios are very similar to a certain website’s “role playing” scenarios. is one such site, and believe me this is crappy, but it is almost down to a T. This website also had a forum at some point that discussed the classic “rapeware 6.66” software. This is ALL the same things that are being used on these people. While the crime has been ongoing for a LONG time, it has been much more difficult to communicate it until the advance of recent communication mediums. That means two things howmever. Both the old ways of transmission have been made simpler by what we have available today, and that there are more people being affected because of it. These FB groups are a MASSIVE collection of this… They don’t even know it! My only hope is that the people forming these scenario “collectives” are trying to expose this method of manipulation. It is TRULY being done to these folks. If you wanted your largest source of evidence of what is happening, you literally have it on this post. PLEASE help us combat this and especially these people in these FB groups understand what is happening.

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