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Targeted Individuals: How to Fight Back

This short ebook describes how to fight back against the US government criminals involved in
microwave torture and gangstalking. The CIA runs the microwave torture program, and the FBI is in charge of the gangstalking. If we can break down the Deep State, then the
microwaves will stop.

Electromagnetic Radiation (emr) Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb

US government takes extreme measures to keep this powerful weapon under wraps; refuse to
acknowledge alleged weapon testing on US citizens, while Russian government admits to mind control
weapons and experiment victims take their case to the Russian government, the Duma and Soviet press

The Art Of
Indirect Hypnosis

  1. Eye fixation
  2. Pupil dilation
  3. Change in blink reflex
  4. Rapid Eye Movement
  5. Eyelid Flutter
  6. Smoothing of facial muscle

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