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Our Targeted Individual Library is a collection of downloadable books, audio and ebooks. TI Newspaper, manuals and letters. All submitted by fellow TIs to help TIs network together.

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TI Letters: Who You Need To Notify About Your Targeting


  • Police Chief & Commissioner
  • City Mayor
  • County District Attorney
  • City Council Person


  • Governor
  • Senator
  • Congress Person
  • State Attorney


“In Unity WE STAND”

Remember the goal is to keep targeted individuals divide and silenced. Divided the abusers of these technologies expect us not to accomplish nothing. Together we can move mountains, make changes to laws and create new ones. Laws are being broken, our rights are being violated, and our voices are not being heard. ”

Activist, International Private Investigator & TI JusticeTI

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TI Dictionary

Its important for Tis to know the correct terminology when trying to explain what is happening to them although you can best believe when you speak to the authorities they will not believe you and or even turn a blind eye. Likewise if you report it to the FBI, CIA, or other entities of the government they will make it seem like this don’t exist. This is when you

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