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Why Human Subjects Research Protection Is Important

Participation of human subjects in research presents a challenging ethical dilemma. A research subject may be asked to participate in a study of no benefit and no substantial risk or in a study with the potential for significant benefit but also significant risk.

Inputs For Psychosocial Dynamics Conducive To Torture and Ill-Treatment

This statement is with respect to the inputs requested for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment report (To inform the Special Rapporteur’s annual interim report to be presented to the General Assembly at its 75th Session

Gang-Stalking – Three Signs of Perp-Mentality

How gang-stalkers are led to think with the ‘reptilian brain’, and how targeted individuals may be the ‘indigo children’ of the New Age. 4 Pages

The Phenomenology of Group Stalking (‘Gang-Stalking’): A Content Analysis of Subjective Experiences

Stalking denotes a pattern of repeated, unwanted intrusion by one person into the life of another
in a manner that causes distress, disruption, or fear [1,2]. The concept of stalking was introduced in
the late 1980s to describe a form of interpersonal aggression that

The Evidence of Control and Alteration of Consciousness & Matter Using Artificial Intelligence

If I tell you that an artificial intelligence interacted with my life, most of you would never believe me. But that makes sense to
me cause if someone else tells the same story to me prior to this experience, I would be highly skeptical about it, so neither I
would take it seriously

From Electro Sensitivity To Torture By Radiation

For years we can live electronic harassment without knowing it. It can even be no symptoms.
Meanwhile, as we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation intentionally directed
against us

Human digital thought clones: the Holy Grail of artificial intelligence for big data

How would you feel if a company developed a ‘digital thought clone’ of you, representing everything known about you, in order to predict and manipulate your choices in real time by using your own data against you for its profit? This would be your digital twin, made by constantly collecting your intimate personal data in real time even when you are asleep.


Benjamin Simon Gang Stalking Belgique

Ce blog décrit un crime actuel, méconnu, hyper invasif et destructeur que des réseaux d’assassins perpètrent via logiciels et ondes sous la forme de réactions en chaine. La protection est l’information et l’observation afin d’anticiper et le cas échéant contrecarrer les intrusions de ces criminels dans nos groupe sociaux. Je suis victime de ses assassins depuis presque trois ans. j’ai const

Mind Control The Ultimate Brave New World

The military interest in auditory effects was present since the first inventions were patented, but in 1971 came a system which would allow troops to communicate through a radio transmitter which would render the enemy deaf and disoriented while allowing “friendly” combatants to communicate at the same time.