Traffickers Say They Are Traffic Light Monitors

The gang stalking sex slavery ring pretend they cover for the safety of the citizens of America and stamp that on the dead child traffick crates along with the other titles and job positions they pretend they do as the Deep State Cabal who mass murders pretend they are doing a save life mission. They sit under traffic intersections in rooms and say their part time job is covering traffic light, stop sign security cameras and write reports on traffic violations so it seems like that is the reason they sit underground intersections as a cover, they gang stalk targeted individuals this way and go under crosswalks, sidewalks walking in sewer line pipes gang stalking on long black cell phones, they press many keys that make targeted individuals feet turn by microchips they get in them. They also sit under markets gang stalking and say it is their part time job to sit on market security cameras and surveillance and they do invisible electronic harassment to targeted individuals that they got microchips in by putting them in food and beverages, they switch their shopping items out by a cart and wear FDA aprons and pretend they are doing the job to cover citizens for safety when it is for sex slavery. They have rooms under markets where they log petty thefts as a cover job and that one way they are underground gang stalking targeted individuals they are after. They write down traffic violations also so it looks like the reason they are under intersections and tell people it is their part time job, that they do 20% of the day and night as night time shifts so on one suspects them for human trafficking, dead child trafficking kidnappers etc. They have food deliverys dropped in man holes and work underground capturing people for human trafficking and sex slavery and do this internationally. They stalk children they are after on Park N Rec playgrounds at parks as they are sitting on security cameras and surveillance as silent kidnappers all over the world. Three families missing from parks per week they do not report, two they say they are missing persons and report them by running the mother or babysitters car license plates, they make reports that say babysitter and child missing, mom and children disappeared etc. as they always pretend they are investigating the crimes they committed so no one suspects them for committing the crimes. They take mothers and children from parks by forcing shots and by a  micky in a popsicle and ice cream sandwich then say they took them for medical attention, or lhe mom needed hospitalization, and make framer fake charges up and hand cuff the mom and say she went to jail or prison and many innocent parents are in prison who were framed by them to take their children for dead child trafficking, they say they are adopted out by the DCFS Headquarter Buildings, and adopt them five times, by fake parents signing for custody that they pay, these kidnapper, baby snatcher, serial killer accomplishes keep signing off custody to one another and launder children. They dress the babies, toddlers, children up in dress up outfit and take them under Park N Rec buildings to a room to molest them and lie it is for a fun photo, a going away picture on their cell phones before they adopt them out. They send the photos all over town on cell phones and fool everyone by lying the parent did something wrong. It is called Ghoul Photos, the men wear dark hooded Ghoul Robes and molest them and make them wet their pants as they sex torture humans and do mental torturing to innocent human beings, including babies toddlers, young children and they kill a newborn everyday as this cult is addicted to eating newborn vagina flesh on meth and they are the ones saying their part time job is monitoring stop sign and traffic light security cameras at intersections and they log reports on bad driving and the other part of the day, in the middle of the day and night around midnight the witching hour they say they are the Watch Dogs covering the bad persons for safety when the people on their lists they say they got to get to chow down on their wee ones, munchkins by taking them all away from their so nice parents, the innocent victims they frame, rob and stalk are the good persons, the bad persons are them, the monsters saying they are Watch Dogs for the City, the traffic light, signal, stop sign security camera monitors logging violations, the market brigade keeping track of people shopping and say shopping away hey hey, we are going to all get that tiny tot, wee one, munchkin, and babe in a hot dam stroller to eat them all right out in front of that way nice mother. That is one of their pedo chants as they have many sick chants they say in unison on meth in their child molesters cannablist craze, their all speedy on drugs wanted to sex torture people they see randomly also in addition to the ones named on their list to get. They will set up a pregnant mom and a mom with a baby in  a stroller in five minutes on papers then say they have to hand cuff the bad mom, take her for questioning underground in their shop lifter rooms beneath markets, and adopt the baby out by DCFS Headquarters and say not at all, we are going to do the baby flicks and take them away all so fast as always, as usual, for our personal human consumption and tell a little ol me lie time after time, another cult sentence they say in unison. They take many from shopping malls this way to their rooms underground hand cuffed by framing the innocent parents and teenagers for shop lifting, they void transactions, and delete their receipts in their cell texts and emails as they bug everyone and hack internationally, they rob paypal, cash app,venmo from the people on their lists the plan to kill in gang raping sex torture FGM films, snuff movies, baby and kids porn etc. Their under airports also in rooms and everywhere under the world saying they cover citizens for safety as monitors on security cameras and surveillance.


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