V2K & amp; broadcasting thought in public places

V2K & broadcasting thought in public places

Every targeted individual case is different but unfortunately some of us suffer from V2K or have our thoughts/subvocalizations broadcasting in public areas. Either way, they are listening and no have choice but to listen, especially if they have to report back.

– You can ignore; this method is usually preferred as generally symptoms are reported to lessen.
– Download a frequency generator app on your mobile and play a high pitch or annoying tone. Be sure, not to irritate the other shoppers, however this should be generally okay as they’re equipment is more sensitive than our ears. So the sound will still definitely pick up, even on low volume. You can do this in car as well. (I play neno cat).
– Frequencies can easily influence your emotional state, quite quickly. However it’s usually used as a sleep disturbance or to gain your attention.
E.g. They use frequency to gain your attention/change your emotional state shortly then used V2K. The V2K is meant to be more annoying than usual with the added frequency effect.
– If you really want, you can swear or say everything insult under the sun while not actually paying attention to them.
– They will often use V2K subliminal messages, this can be done with low frequency. The V2K message’s volume is lowered so much, to create the illusion that the message is coming from yourself.
– They will use V2K to confuse you in public, since V2K can travel quite a distance. They apply this method in opportune times.

E.g. A innocent person is simply walking past you, you don’t directly look at them but do know that they are there. The gang-stalkers will use the V2K to produce a insult or message, pretending that the bestander said it instead. This is create the illusion of numbers of Gang-stalkers.

This method is also used during direct conversations with family members, friends or co-workers. Its to create confusion.

– Have you ever sleep asleep with the tv, radio or phone even going? Only to discover that the current channel playing is somehow affecting your dreams? Well sometimes V2K is used to create the same affect.

V2K can be a mixture of pre-recorded messages and direct messaging. They can have both playing at the same time.