Wendy Williams The Government Will Make A Fool Out Of You

I know that Wendy Williams is a person of interest when it comes to the voice to skull technology and her being a follower.   I have experience Wendy Williams along with Steve Harvey use their talk shows to gang stalk.  I am not a fan of the show but when I would hear them on occasion, speaking on their shows, I would hear repeated conversations and words they would say out of their mouth in regards to something that I said or thought of.  In the beginning of my gang stalking I remember driving in my car and I heard 97.9 The Box Houston, TX radio station playing the manipulating mind game of gang stalking.  I was like they involved too.  In between the music they would play they would come on and talk, it was a classic gang staking setting to the listeners.   Of course I did not know for sure how things ticked and how it was all being done.  I had to do a little trial and error first to way out how things was being done before i knew it was perps actually listening to technology giving them commands.  Wendy’s was a perp, I knew from listening to her talk.  They will make a fool out of you.  What they do to their followers is use them then, disgrace them at the same time.  The perps know this technology shows them favor and paved ways.  Then It turns on them making a fool out of them in a public way. Especially if your a public figure.  Hence what happen to Wendy on TV, passing out.  I was never a follower of this technology nor have I ever listen to any commands given by them.  As I have said before it takes a very ugly person inside to follow the commands in the first place to harm another human being.  Or even to just go out on a limb and track and trace them down, followed by taunting them with horrible words coming out of their mouth and they don’t even know the person just because some damn ugly person behind the v2k technology is telling them to do it.

Which brings to Wendy falling, when electronic harassment/no touch torture technology has taken a hold of you and they will make you fall out just like this

Them gov hoes dropped me twice just like this and I seen them make other people fall out since 2012 the year I NOTICED my gang stalking started.  What technology does is drop you like this and then it will SPRING you back up.  Hoping no one noticed.  Placing fear in the person,  The first time it did that to me it popped me back up like nothing happen.  I told myself if it did it to me again, I was going to stay their and let them take me to the hospital so it can be documented.  Sure enough I was working out at 24 hour fitness in Washington, Dc and it was moving my feet, controlling my feet stance when I was walking on the treadmill.  You can see how they have a strong muscle line on my big toe to move and wiggle me around.  Even when I just walk period it always pulls me to on side or another, this day I already knew technology was on me heavy.  So after working out I swim and did pool aerobics, then got in the hot pool.  As soon as I got out walked to the shower rinsing off area it drop me again.  Followed by springing me back up.  The manager and crew at the spa asked did I want to go to the hospital and I said yes, thinking to myself I told you Gov Hoes I’m getting it documented.  Of course they wanted me to fill out an injury form of what happen, and I did, I put that i’m a targeted individual and that the gov technology has been electronic harassing me and that i’m being remote neural monitoring on this form.  I leave big footprints.  I also stated that the 24 hour fitness was in no way responsible for what happen.  Read full story on here.

This is what the United States Government supports this technology doing to people.  I am not a follower but when you don’t do what it wants you to do it always does things to hurt and harm me.  In addition when I expose them it does things to hurt and harm me as well.  Likewise having perps do harm to me as well.  I have multiple scars from the harm this technology has done to me mentally and physically.

Now Wendy released a statement following the incident, in the next video notice how she keeps popping her mouth after her explanations of what happen, over and over a clear sign that v2k has been talking for her and she is now trying to control it. Wendy Williams is/was fully aware that the gov was using her to target and gang stalk people.  That head piece and that green gown is not that heavy nor hot to where she had to faint.  However the technology can make you hot, cold, sweat uncontrollable sitting right in front of a fan.  What they can’t control is once this technology shows perps/gang stalkers how to use these techniques on people they can not undo it.  Some of these famous people take it to the extreme and everyone knows Wendy Williams always talking about people on her show making jokes about people.  What goes around comes back to you.  When it was her time to be in the spot light about Kevin Hunter/Calvin her bitterness shows all to well.  

To conclude does Wendy Williams know that technology can remote neural monitor to read the thoughts in peoples mind and if not.  True targeted individuals know that it could have set Kevin Hunter up with his mistress by giving him and her fake emotions for each other.  All to hurt Wendy, she mentions that a friend of Kevin told her, well the same way that friend of Kevin told her is the same way voice to skull could push talk words out of a person mouth, misleading, lying, gang stalking, and slandering a person in conjunction with remote neural monitoring.  To take it even further gov technology can even time the conception and then manipulate them into making that baby at the precise moment.  How many of those babies have the gov made.  For those of you that don’t know what them their machines can really do, do you research on how it controls ever aspect of our human lives.  Especially to the unsuspected.   Ya!  I know way to much, I can only expose what I know, What they did to me, and how I seen them do it.

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