Surviving and Thriving as a Targeted Individual: How to Beat Covert Surveillance, Gang Stalking, and Harassment

TI NEWSPAPER New Release-Illuminati RuPaul Drag Race Is Rigged Part 2 5th Double ED November 26, 2020

TI NEWSPAPER New Release-Tamar Braxton You’re A TI Double ED 4TH Part 1 OF 2 November 26, 2020

Illuminati RuPaul Drag Race Is Rigged


Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

FBI Caught Running 3.1 Million Covert Searches Of U.S. Citizens In Latest Abuse Of Power

Destroyer of Anything Good Poem

If you could watch and you could see what these people do to me. When anything…


Tamar Braxton You’re A TI

Harcèlement En Réseau/ Pédocriminalité

voici le courrier que j’ai envoyé … ti international ce matin … / Bonjour, je m’appelle…

(FISA) Created To Government’s Covert Surveillance Activities Of Foreign Entities And Individuals In The United States

The Public Needs To Know About The Invisible Attacks On Americans Abroad. Congress Can Help.


Watch Out For The Investigator

Watch out for the investigator whose client is the people of the Condemnation Website The investigator…

The Invisible Torture

There’s some stuff on the internet about advanced Technology Warfare using Virtual reality ( The headset…

The Beginning of My Story


Targeted Surveillance By Police Department That Is Shared To Public

Hello, Am a targeted individual from India.police department is sending remote neural monitoring link of mine…

Welcome TI’s family!

Welcome TI’s family! My name is Grzegorz Grobelny but please, call me Greg.