Hello, I am a T.I, I am reaching out for as much help and information as possible

Why Only Employees Targeted Individuals Been Saying This Shit For Years Government Destroy Their Own Then Cover Their Asses With Their Own What A Joke~ Lawmakers introduce bill to improve care for “Havana Syndrome” victims

Torture Of Minor American Citizens (children) by Russian state services

Part 1. (translated using an automatic translator, there may be inaccuracies) FOR F.B.I. Dear ladies and…

“Scientists at the end of the War were hanged for what scientists today are doing and getting away with.”

US developing sensor to stop ‘havana syndrome’ energy attack

This is my first day joining a targeted individual support group, hello fellow sufferers of human torture experimentation and persecution

Hello to all, perhaps I will be a bit too honest on this post, but I…

Total Tyranny: We’ll All Be Targeted Under The Government’s New Precrime Program

Another CIA Document Shows US Army’s Interest in The “Holographic” Universe & Supernatural Abilities

Charles Kelley Of Lady’s New Song Is His “Goodbye Letter To Alcohol” 102 5 KNIX Reid

Content Lady A Postpones 2023 Tour to Give Charles Kelley the Opportunity to Beat his Addiction…

Chile could turn into the first country that has a law that protects neurorights