A Day of Reckoning Poem

In my situation as a Targeted Individual of a Condemnation website, the V2K might be a little different. I wrote this poem based on my situation.

A Day of Reckoning

It was a day of reckoning

or so it was said,

It came from around me

and into my head.

Down from their website

comes sound and voice,

It intrudes my surroundings,

no rights of a choice.

It’s called Voice-to-skull,

simply put V2K,

Hours of torture

debilitates me that way.

I lay in my bed all tense

and I shake,

I don’t know how much

more of this I can take.

The game that is played

on a computer screen,

My body is scanned,

On the website it’s seen.

They see what I see,

They know every thought,

Hidden in a cyberspace

not a force to be caught.

A microchip in my back,

Is there one in my head?

The ways it connect

to replay what was said.

My mind in the battle,

the frequency that they use,

A game meant to destroy,

torture and abuse.

  © Shelley W. Williams -2020

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