Actor Sullivan Stapleton starred in the NBC crime drama Blindspot as a FBI agent.     After carefully watching the show Blindspot and being a fan, I can say that the cast members of the show Blindspot are being manipulated, mind controlled and electronically harassed.  I’m not saying the cast members  personally are targeting  me as a targeted individual as I have exposed other perpetrators.  I am saying they are being targeted themselves while they filmed the show and are among the countless innocent american citizens who are.
  Normally when a target is being manipulated via street theater or remote neural monitoring the target eyes will move in a fast wiggly motion.  Refer to Blindspot show clip Season 3 EP. 1 37:50 you can clearly see the actors eyes are doing a wiggly wobbly fast sway back and forward motion.  This is how you know the person in front of you and the situation around you and them is being manipulated and/or controlled ILLEGALLY BY OUR U.S GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY. The big question is why and what’s the purpose.

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