Comparing todays events to events that took place 10 years ago.

Htown riddle me this… You said what was happening to me could not possible be happening and that I was lying about the events of targeting and gang stalking, and lets not forget threats to be killed. But as i sat back and watch the perp fools be so sloppy with it. I must have had STUPID written on my FOREHEAD in order for you to think I was just that. Like at the Nica Border when this fool asked me to pay 700 dollars to exit for having no options during covid. I mean he must have had a bill due or something to come up with that amount. I watched them scramble and fumble all over themselves once they realized I was not go pay such a ridiculous price that aint even posted. Then when I told them I was a International Investigator they didnt know what to do.  Likewise when I watched these same fools fumble all over themselves in HTown. This program is designed to have the target do unnecessary shit just to put a person through hell. Just to cause problems for the target at that point and down the line. Trying to make shit seem pretty on paper but you hoes know that aint how it happen. Lets take HPD cop oh shit fuck your blah blah thats what we will call him. I got a good memory from childhood aint no tampering with that.  However was that in your report your misconduct. Cop car rolling up playing a suicide song on the radio. Or how about that black doctor name Kevin that was covering FBI uncle Roger Joseph ass in his doctors office and then after hours texting me telling me he needed those sim cards because he going out of town. Yeah the ones with all the gang stalkers and agents/cops pics on it that I took as these crimes was taking place. What doctor you know text someone they only seen 1 time and asked them for the photos that is evidence in a crime that he supposedly aint a part of. I tell ya these fools must have looked at me and said stupid, dumb she’s a easy target. Then I saw another doctor and we will let her sweat profusely because I’m hanging her ass too. You assholes fucked up big time and because you mistaken me as a black, nobody, low class citizen in your minds got you hoes as my grandma would say in a pickle. I cant count how many charges I bundled on yall asses before I left Houston Texas in this conspiracy and attempted murder. So when I say I left Houston Texas ten years ago and I already knew what goes around comes back around. See calling you in your mind may have been for help, but calling you in my mind was every 911 call that comes in is recorded.  Cops saying yeah we need her to be on our team. WTF nigga beaters, as my TWIGGY would say REALLY. So yall got todays fools into some shit, because now I got 10 years of research and watching dum dums get hanged for something yall trying to cover up. COME CLEAN MFs its only one way out for me. STEALING my shit. See you at the cross roads.  Just because you hear my LOUD voice dont mean I haven’t figured you out already before you hear it.  

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