Electronic Harrasment Tortures Targeted Individuals

I wanted to post this electronic harassment chart that show’s how targeted individuals are tortured. Many say its by remotes and call it remote neutral monitoring.

Remotes on car dash boards by Government Agent Case Workers monitors for the Court of Law is what my readings say. They do electronic harassment to targeted individual families who were set up to be a not needed case file. I do readings to stop sex slavery since 2008 and it turns out gang stalking electronic harassment done to targeted individuals match up with my crime tips. They do this to set up a medical kidnap, to force not wanted medical attention which is illegal in California by the Patients Right Law and its inhuman by human right laws. To try to do a surgery on a person against their will is sickening and my readings say many gang stalkers are female genitial mutilators, they cut off the targeted individuals clitoruses. That is why there is a Genital torture area shown on this Gang Stalking Chart.

My psychic readings and gang stalker sites say they frame people to the Government Agents. Then someone lies I got control of the families money, mail, and medical then the sick gang stalkers sit around making up surgery charts to force it on the targeted individuals against their will. They lie the people are disabled and they lie they need surgery and lie it’s to save their life and my psychic readings say its to kill the whole family in kids porn, snuff films, sex torture human sacrifice snuff fgm movies. They put the family on the hit list, cast them, then do ispy inside and outside of their houses and apartments and start the gang stalking. They rob them, make fake profiles, and frame them to be a not needed Government Agency case file.

Case workers send papers to people and tell them so sign them to say they will be the spy watch cam committees covering the family. They take the targeted indiviuals money, put it in a bank account and eighty people plan to divide the families stolen money up. They are told taking them by forcing medication by Court Orders case workers get at midnight and 1 am at a Judges house will help them, they lie its for hotel motel therapy and its for gang raping human sacrifice and kids porn snuff films, sex torture movies.

This chart shows how gang stalkers torture targeted indiviuals and gang stalkers sit around saying I got control of their money, mail. and medical and say they can force surgery and its to kill the whole family. They do not need surgery, or medication, or to be forced to hotels or a shot or anyone stealing their money. They need these insane gang stalkers to get away so they can live.

They do electric shock to hands arms to mess up typing to lie they are monitors covering typing of a disabled case file and hack steal from them.

They do rectum burning 150 degrees to burn them alive and lie they need rectum surgery and sit around pressing keys packs of them parked saying they are monitors for the Courts

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