Gang-stalking logic

Community stalking/smaller groups:

For some cases which involve community stalking or smaller based groups, the technology is often everyday items that the general public can freely purchase. E.g. speakers, microphone, amplifier and etc.

However the actual setup requires previous demonstration from another or they simply already acquired the knowledge from previous experience/etc.

Now the following points will convey the possible reasons behind this:

– The sensitive yet quiet equipment can record subvocalizations; When you think, you actually use your voice box which still produces recordable sound.

= They could easily sell this system setup to private investigators, small business groups for a competitive sale’s edge, surveillance websites, acoustic engineers/scientists or even to the local news papers.

Either way, there is plenty of money to be made from this, for years to come. All deals and contracts could be formed in confidence, thus keeping your privacy.

However they choose not to do this but prefer to keep they’re gang-stalking tactics secret instead.

This implies they are not particularly bright and do not consider the future. Which is suitable as gang-stalking does not tend to involve new methods. They’re goal is too ultimately wear the individual out through self-destructive methods, due to long term exposure.

They always use the same classic tactics
without changing nor adepting from the original harassment structure. Meanwhile the Targeted Individual has this critical option, They have the option for ‘change’.

Thus gang-stalkers naturally tend to have a narrow mind set and are unable to let go once something has ‘upsetted them’. This behaviour becomes obbession – They need to spy on you, they need to listen to you and ultimately they need to indirectly interact with you. Even when they claim to dislike you, they are still giving you they’re attention from every day life & family/friends. Often this happens years before the individual officially becomes a TI on they’re personal revenge list. They simply spy and monitor you which heavily suggests many frightening & disturbing mental issues.

The longer this behaviour/activity has been going, the more impossible it is for them to move on. Eventually, they mentally cannot survive without you in some sense and rely on whatever excuse they need to convince themselves otherwise.

Now with these listed behavioural traits & ingrained activities. The reason why they don’t sell the system setup and become wealthy – Which most of them could use.

Is because they are either scared about the possible outcome from whistleblowing they’re not particularly bright/submissive in nature or they wish to hold the advantage of this method for personal use. For personal use, they hold they’re ‘gang-stalking’ tactics as some holy solutions to they’re self created delusions.