Hello, I am a T.I, I am reaching out for as much help and information as possible

Hello, I am a T.I, I am reaching out for as much help and information as possible. My symptoms are – induced bodily functions, smells, tastes, drugging, thoughts read in real time, physical pain all over, hallucinations in real-time, smells which others can smell,  The voices are of people I know, sometimes digital and emulated voices. I can communicate with them. The volume and pain seems to have a limit. I am unsure if they can see what I can see. It follows everywhere and started a specific day a few months ago. When I think something it is repeated, mocked…instantly. they also have all my passwords as a result. My tormentors claim they paid £30k for this, a doctor was involved, that they are semi passive and can be turned on and off, so an RF test is useless ? That they were custom built and took 2 years to make, nanotechnology / tiny  and will not show on any scan, that the battery is integrated, then separate, then wireless and no battery, and that they would never have done this if any risk involved. I am getting some help from other T.I’s and icaact. I am having scans to rule out anything physical and having I can provide further information if need be. I hoped I may be able to ask some questions ? Hope you do not mind me contacting you ? Kind regards


August 2020 I started hearing voices, of people I know. They were telling me a family member killed themselves as of me and that “I had to die” I then started getting Physical symptoms – Actual pain, Constant rape and more ! They incited me to Suicide attempts, 4 in 2 weeks, I have a scar on my neck. I was hospitalised then realised what was happening and reached our for help. I now have soon got evidence and can go to the police. It has even horrible ! I’ve met incredible people during this whom have basically saved my life. I hope to have my attackers stopped soon.