How Facebook Protects The Perpetrators Instead Of The TI In Cyberstalking/Bullying

Updated 4/22/21

This document was tampered with.  I noticed how the government took out parts of my article, one in particular where I mention how I’ve been watching people putting pieces of the puzzle together figuring them out as I grew up.  Never had I imagined that them government hoes been using me my entire life this way.  Why wouldn’t they want someone to know that.  Them gov hoes scandalous with us MK ULTRA Babies.

Exposing PERPS Melissia Hayes, Timothy Rogert, and Facebook.

Don’t be fooled by perps sent in to discredit TIs

Facebook claims it has a no bullying policy and if you break the policy on the social media platform you will be subject to being blocked and or suspended from posting and commenting.
What I have noticed is Facebook will block the targeted person and not the perpetrators who is actually doing the bullying.  Leaving the targeted individual not being able to stand up for themselves against cyber bullying.  Anyone who has ever been cybered bullied knows the attacks keep coming.  Staying quiet is not an option when your being  targeted in any compacity.  Report and expose is the only way to go.  A lot of us targeted individuals are being cyber bullied only because we chose to speak out against the corruption of local law enforcement, CIA, NSA, United States Military, and the FBI.  In the horrendous crimes against humanity they are committing against innocent Americans and other countries around the world.   USA satellites are hoovering over those countries in illegal surveillance ease dropping, spying, v2k technologies, and remote neural monitoring,  I have witness citizens getting attacked by microwave weapons.  Instead these agencies use their agents and followers to target us who dare speak out about what is being done to us.  They are using the social media platforms such as Facebook to do ongoing community stalking and covert harassment.  Targeted individuals make jokes and laugh at Facebook when they block us and put us in Facebook jail.  Some even go as far in saying I’m back out of jail but not rehabilitated.  Why because the platform is blocking the wrong person to begin with.  How can Facebook expect this behavior to change or effect a person who has done nothing wrong in the first place.  What a joke.  You can tell when government technology has its followers involved in something.  The mood, tone, and setting is the same.  Here is step by step how this process works.  Taking in to account that the federal government, perps, and local agencies of each state know exactly how the platforms operate.  The below perp whom I suspected for a long time of being a perp, came out and ratted on themselves.  The dumb thing that perps do to harass you and gang stalk is use directed conversation and gaslighting.  They don’t even realize that the target already has figured them out on their past comments on their post.  DUMB PERPS.
Silence is golden as you watch perps prey.

Let me show you how I came to this opinion/conclusion. I posted this comment

The other comments by Tis was indirective and not directive.

So I decided to have a one time reply with PERP MELISSA HAYES here’s our conversation.   Perps 99.9% of the time when they are gang stalking, working in conjunction with the Remote Neural Monitoring technology.  They will start a normal conversation then go off topic.  Because your head is thirsty and they need their follower to bait a TI into some bullshit.  So I called her on it, and I wasn’t mean I was just letting her know how did you get twisted in your words to me… and she went off cursing and shit.  That’s how you know she knows I popped her ass for trying to get in my damn head.   She got mad.  Its hell staying on guard 24 hrs a day, but technology pushes you to do just that.  When my targeting shifts I already see it.

Melissa Hayes

Perps can’t tell when they have been busted for trying to gaslight, and play head games with the target.  This is how the target has the advantage over the gang stalking perp.  Even more so the perps basically tell on themselves in the words that they say.  You can tell that this perp been waiting in the winds to make a comment for a very long time.  This is how they tell on themselves and don’t even know it.  What she also don’t realize is that I peep her perping ass a long time ago from when she use to post on my page then she stop.  Cooling off period then they come back months later like the target all of a sudden forgot that they a perp.  Perps are not very smart.  Then because she knows she was being messy I saw her waiting for me to respond.  As soon as I did she instantly reply and then block me.
I replied with a final post of BYE BITCH WITH YOUR GASLIGHTING ASS.  As soon as I posted that FACEBOOK BLOCKED ME.  Now all the while I’m being Remote Neural Monitored.  They knew I was about to block her because I’m thinking it in my head.  But instead they reversed it on me and block me.  Never mind the comment she gave to me that goes against Facebook so called standards.  1, 2, 3, steps when the technology is in your head already targeting the target.  The target knows that they about to send in a gang stalking perp.  To give a visual street theater performance.  In this case cyber stalking.  What she said is that she reflects everyday all day, pushing off what’s going on with her onto the next person, I don’t need no reflection.  So I told her are these the two fingers pointing back at you.  

Facebook blocked me at first it said 24hrs

Notice the time each photo was taken.  Now lets take a look as to why the United States Government would need me off Facebook for a period of time.  On my Facebook timeline these are the post before getting block.  Which lets me see Y’all weakness government.   One of these post really struck a nerve.  In order for you to have needed to call in one of your perps followers to get me blocked off Facebook for a spell.

First Post on that day.

Actual Post I got blocked on

Additional Post  that day

Now something on this timeline pissed them off… and they showed their EMOTIONS by having a perp gang stalk me. Although my timeline don’t reflect many people likes and comments.  It does not mean nobodies watching.  My profile is public for a reason.  They (GOV) get mighty mad all the time when I post for no one to be reading them or taking me serious.  Maybe if I see lack of, i’ll stop… WRONG

Now to test my theory if FACEBOOK is down right targeting me and that they stick to their so called community standards.  I waited for the situation to happen again.  Guest what when I reported the incident to Facebook they did not block the perp and the perp just keep going on and on and I reported it over five times flagging and reporting as it was happening and nothing happen no blocks, no suspensions.  You know how I know, they did nothing because he kept going on and on.  The perp just kept typing… Here is his conversation mainly with himself.  All I did was post in the group about the TI Newspaper new edition, and he had something negative to say in regards to it… Perps be waiting in the wind to comment on your post with some stupid stuff to say.  I see that he erased it, so when someone comes to the page they will see my comment but not the one that started everything off.  Perps flip the script on targeted individuals trying to make it look like they are the innocent party.  When they was the ones who pop shit off.  At which point I posted in the group “I told yall that Tim was a gang stalker” lurking in groups to discredit TIs and that I blocked him a long long time ago.   But since someone started all these groups its just another way to target TIs when they already blocked the perp before.  I blocked and removed him from the TIs Fight Back group because he was targeting and others made complaints.  I understand that all group owners don’t have the same ethics.  Or maybe perps cover perps.  Therefore Facebook, goes against their own community standards by allowing this feature to exist. If you are in these groups you will see that the comments was removed, it had to have been by him and that they differ now.  SCREENSHOT AND SCREEN RECORD IS MY BEST FRIEND.


Timothy, Deejaegh, TI, Brandon, Tim, Donna, Walter, Nina, Anthony, Thebreakawaycivilization, Dave, David, Jeff, Tom, Alex, Melissa, Da’Rell, Kerry, Donna, Wojciech, Craig, Tim, Don, Donnell, Rich, Jackie, Candice K, Tihana, Alonso, David, Etsehiwot, Beverly, Debra, Toby, Harry, Samir, Tanvir, Diego, Azara, Paige, MMary, Mona, Targeted, Donna, Annmarie, Christopher, Denni, Devin, Targetedindividualadvice, Lui, Jerry, Don, Joseph, Natalie, Abbey, Tim, Peggy

It wasn’t till I said I know what will make them shut this perping perp up, start posting about what they mad at in the first place.  When I do, they CALL THERE DOGS OFF.  Like them little puppies scaring somebody in the first place with their little ass barks. Making an ass out of themselves.  (SEE BELOW)  How I popped and proof they made a FOOL out of this asshole.
This is where I not only popped him but I also got him for defamation of character, slander, targeting, gaslighting, lying on me, trying to frame me for something, and much more.  Which is what perps do.  At the very beginning I can see that they was making a fool out of him.  They throw these dumb dumbs to target the TI but they dumb ass don’t know why they are doing, and why in the first place.  Then they listening to the so called voice of god technology and the handlers head ain’t wrapped to tight no way to be doing what they are doing to targets.  When them gov hoes ass is under fire for some shit they doing and trying to keep a targeted individual mouth shut they fumble all over themselves.  Lastly no matter how you look at it this technology is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY, for encouraging perps to mess with TIs whether they are making a fool out of the perp at the same as well.  They are still promoting violence, cyber stalking, gang stalking, covert harassments, mental and physical abuse of targets, all while having illegal technology systematically timing the target and perps working hand in hand with these technology to cause harm to an individual.  Every single thing they are doing is punishable under our laws as it is written.

This post made the government SHUT HIS LYING ASS UP… Dumb ass cant see my timeline because he blocked.  The government know they in hot water for these events internationally, so how dare me expose any further.  So I told him how they got you trying to set me up for a crime in DC when everyone knows I’ve been traveling internationally.

Post erased or not located.

He keeps referring to me as  DONALD maybe Donald Trump

Then he stops, after hanging himself the entire time.  Or then the government makes him stop after they see I start hanging them for sending this loser my way to target me.

So fellow targeted individual community the government knows that if I get blocked on Facebook, I just go to one of my other 25 plus social media platforms and spread awareness their.  So basically perps what are you really doing when you set it up for me to be blocked.  I know the government have your heads right now so ill give you hours maybe even days to think about how your actions benefits me. 

Targeted individuals here are some other social media platforms you can spread awareness and defeat being blocked on FB.  Join a new one




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