How Michelle Obama Left & Right Malia Obama

Michelle Obama being the former first lady of the United States has to be fully aware of the technology used to target, harass, and mind control citizens.  Including techniques used.  I came across this video that shows an example for those of you who are confused about what it means to left and right someone.  Not only will the example video show what happens when you left and right someone it will also show you what happens to the victim of this crime from the perpetrator that knows how to do this to targeted individuals.  Malia enters the room where Michelle is signing books.  People who are being manipulated in their head and being remote neural monitoring are often irritated and naturally edgie in silence.  As Malia enters and hugs her mother you can tell that Michelle is edgie in silence and it appears she really wished she had not entered the room.  STRIKE 1  Then Malia starts telling a story to her mom about past experiences and says the word DAMN.  STRIKE 2 Michelle looks up like I can’t believe you are cursing, and we on camera.  As V2K calls it opening up.  As Malia continues to talk, Michelle looks up at her one more time and moves her chair over.  Malia is unaware that her mother is disturbed. STRIKE 3   Malia then moves and turns completely around, and whatever subject she was talking about quickly changes.  This is the manipulation that the general public is unaware of, that is happening when they are being mind controlled by a perp in conjunction with the technology at the same time.  In addition, this is what the perps that target, targeted individuals look for when they are organized gang stalking their victims.  What kind of moves will they make when street theater is performed.  When the target is  being electronically harassed and systematically timed which way will they turn, will they change the subject,  or  just drop it.  This technique is being used online through cyber stalking as well, to keep TIs mouth closed.  Is It Working!

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