I Wanna Doodle

Targeted Individuals we all have our unique way of bringing awareness to the publics attention when it comes to being a targeted individual.  I extend to you another option and its FREE!

If you are interested in doodling on doodle maker to bring awareness to the public about what is going on worldwide  and how innocent people are being manipulated, attacked, gang stalked, harassed, and cooked with microwave weapons lets get creative and doodle.  Some of us have to work with what we got/have.  Since we dont have government funding like they fund other organization with way lesser standards.


  1. Commit to creating 1 public announcement per week that has to do with being a targeted individual and post doodle on social media.  It must have the TIs Fight Back Logo in video and a link to the website in your post. 

Now for the fun part, being apart of the team and having access to the doodle maker app comes with benefits. 

  1. It will be a shared space with other team members.   
  2. However you can create as many doodles you want for any purpose you would like for free. 
    1. You can sell,
    2. Promote, 
    3. Advertise your business 
    4. Or join freelance sites and create doodles to earn money its up to you. 

Different languages available 

As long as you fulfill your weekly commitment for the TIs Fight Back website. 

What is doodle maker see how others use doodle maker

If your interested please fill out this short form to be considered. 

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