I win

About 3 years ago I moved from Sacramento ca to houston tx and at first things was great then all of a sudden I started to notice I was being followed it made me freak out and I gave them exactly what they wanted which is to make me flip out in public. Make my self look crazy and have friends and family think I was crazy high on drugs but something just wasn’t right and I knew it and one day I just started to google search random things like stalking and why do I see the same people, same cars every day all day, gang stalking me, so being me I began to realize more and more that I wasn’t crazy I was being gang stalked and as the days went on I started to even more realize that my ti stalking started years before coming to houston mine started back in Sacramento and they had me out right looking crazy i was put in the mental hospital not once but 3 times and I had no clue then all I knew is that everyone around me just said I was fuckin crazy and on drugs and I knew it wasn’t even true.  It took for me to move to another state to figure out what was going on and now that i know I laugh at them and I dont give them shit but the middle finger they can do whatever now that i know the truth i will fight back i take pics and videos every chance I get cause its about time they get what they have coming they used to have me not going outside now i live my life all they are doing is exposing themselves even more they can not take anything away from me, they know gang stalking is a crime and im ready to fight back.

9 thoughts on “I win

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