The case will be either civil, criminal or both.
We must be careful in choosing this factor.
Civil cases are easier to win.

Icator & it’s Belgium based members would be the Plaintiffs & any non Belgium residents will be Witnesses. Our lawyer is taking this matter so very very seriously he found a way of including victims worldwide, so yes Americans can join. We have victims joining from the U.S, EU, U.K, China, Japan & more.

Our Lawyer is now part of an association which means that we now have several lawyers involved & it will be a public interest case, which means it will get media coverage & raise awareness.

The idea is to have as many victims worldwide participate so we can win & this would set a precedent for the future. So for other groups or individuals legal proceedings the icator case would be the frame of reference when rulings are decided in court.

We have so far raised €10,000 we need another €5000 to launch the lawsuit.

Once launched our Lawyer will draft up & send to icator board members relevant documents which we would then share with victims.

Evidence is welcome & crucial but our lawyer even found a way of including victims without evidence, they can submit a witness statement / testimonial.

At this time we are still fundraising, seeking Technical Experts & obtaining the correct backing. Our president Melanie Vritschan will be meeting with Magnus Ollsen at some point in the new year. Magnus has been working with Mr Nils Melzer of the U.N for some time.

It is the Belgium government being taken to court for not protecting citizens, if it were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human Rights & or the ICC.

We are thinking civil may be best as then there would be compensation, we will be meeting our lawyer soon regarding this matter. There could still be compensation if it were criminal.

We aim to take our time, plan well, recruit as many icator members as possible, spread word, with view to this case winning & helping our cause.

Anyone wanting to join the lawsuit must become a member of ICATOR first, this is as it will be icator itself representing all victims.
As icator is an association we have to keep all above board. It costs €60 to join. Payments can be made in installments as we understand victims can have financial difficulty.
Payments must be referenced clearly with names so we can then sort Thier memberships out properly. We hope to be sending out membership cards early next year.

One other thing we are trying to do is unite other victims organisations. Our Lawyer agreed that as there are so many TI groups if ICATOR were seen to be linked up with as many as possible not only would this mean more icator members & lawsuit participants, but also it would show a united front amongst organisations.

We need to ensure victims know they have the option of joining even without evidence & that it is safe to do so if they wish to.

I am also promoting Amy Holem of aimeesaudios.com
She can help victims obtain evidence of audio of Thier attackers communications.

(I am looking n the UK, the new UK icator representative. I am working very hard. I myself will be submitting my Bloods & Toxicology evidence, Audio of my V2K evidence, my MRI scans, and my frequencies which were obtained via a TSCM specialist. I have been a victim for some time. I have evidence that my ex boyfriend is involved & I want this stopped !)

Please feel free to contact me anytime & ask any questions you need to.

Stay safe
Kind regards


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